Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All Pink All The Time

Have you all noticed I seem to say that with whatever color or pattern I'm wearing at the time? I guess I have too many fashion loves to pick only one...Two pink post in a row too...Well its just because I LOVE this blazer. People literally can not miss you in this bright number. It is the absolute perfect pop of color for Summer. I also really like it because even though I paired it with leopard print it can easily be toned down with any neutral and some heels for work or a night out. I never wore blazers and now I want them in every color. I have a black one and I thought I would look stuffy or professional but I am amazed at how versatile and classy they can be when paired correctly. Statement or long necklaces, with skirts, with jeans or with a dress under it, the possibilities are endless. The hard part was always the fit for me. Even the sleeves on this are a smidge too long so my mom is going to hem them because if a piece of clothing doesn't fit you right it can throw off everything. Blazers should be tailored but too long of sleeves are such an easy fix. 

This leopard print pencil skirt is amazing. If you read my last post, I got both skirts from Windsorstore. Neither have zippers but they just fit perfect. I love the shape they give. They don't feel too tight and I always feel like these skirts are a great investment if you happen to gain a few or lose a few. The top can fold over a little bit too so you can adjust the length if necessary. To top it all off? Thus skirt is $16.90. Okay I'm sold. Leopard, cheetah or zebra prints are so fun to play around with. I've had people tell me they can't wear certain patterns and that is entirely false. Start small if you need to...leopard flats (best things ever) or a leopard clutch or scarf. They add SO much to an outfit...they can totally change a look and I love how fun the patterns are. I'm probably gonna be that cute little grandma rockin leopard print at 80. Style & fun is for everyone...even if you feel more reserve you should try it because its awesome. Oh and I can't forget these booties. My mother in law got me these babies for my birthday and I ADORE them. I havent seen too much like them...from the suede material to the style, they are one of a kind. It was kind of a stretch for me pairing them with this outfit but I went with it. They come in other colors and to top it off, they are on SALE. woo. Who doesn't love sales?! They have a zipper on the inside are are so comfy. The thicker heel makes them easy to wear and I love how unique they are. Also, let me just add that they always have the cutest stuff on sale! I am subscribed to their emails and I love it all. Seriously cutest shoes ever.
^ Some coaxing from Lyle turned into a least you'll get a good laugh out of it! 
It's all in the details...
Hot Pink Blazer: A'GACI or --> option 2
Leopard: Windsorstore
Suede Bootie: ON SALE SoleSociety
Statement Necklace: Ebay 
(I got mine off Ebay & I wear it with everything. It changes outfits. Best piece I've bought yet. I ordered mine from a different seller but you can look at all the different ones & pick yourself!)
White tanktop: Target

Love, Cait

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