Monday, July 7, 2014

Twenty Six

You know that episode of How I Met Your Mother where its Lilys birthday? And shes so in love with her birthday and Marshall is the cutest at planning it? Well 1. I love that episode & 2.  Lily is totally me on my birthday, but lucky for Lyle I am so Marshall on his birthday and I plan it out, BIG. 
This is me.
This, is Lyle.
Except not really because that boy never wakes up cranky...but lets just say unenthusiastically? Lyle said his birthday isn't really a big deal. He was on his mission for two years then out in Texas for work for the others...but he's never had the full Caitlin plans your birthday experience. ;)
Anyway we dragged Lyles birthday out for a couple days because one day is just not enough...and he had to work on his birthday & I just didn't think that was fair. 
Lyle planned out the first day with everything he wanted- 
so bowling, top golf, sushi & the X Men Movie...
showing how awesome my man is...not promoting drinking, in case you were wondering
so serious
 Then sushi...not my favoritest part...but let me add the dessert was the best thing ever.
Lyle laughed & said people could definitely tell we were married because no couple would scarf those desserts down like that if they were just dating...& that is true. I barely ate two bites on our first date and then went home and ate it all the second he dropped me off. Whoops, cats outta the bag now babe. Now onto the birthday morning! I told Lyle we had to go somewhere & wearing a blindfold was a necessity of course. Who doesn't love some secrecy?! But, I took him to get a professional massage! It was an hour long and with his job he definitely needed it. He had absolutely no idea.
He came out & told me it was amazing and he just wanted to cuddle & nap :) Cutest little thing ever. He looked so relaxed and then I told him we were gonna go home & I made breakfast! He had asked for waffles but I told him I just had to go grab something first. We are pulling up and Lyle goes "Are you taking me to Dairy Queen?!" No...but I love the enthusiasm and excitement over...Dairy Queen..I tell ya friends, so easy to please. I took him to this waffle joint that he's been wanting to go to & all the wives have been raving about...but since I've kind of turned into a health nut I kept saying no, maybe tomorrow... But on birthdays calories don't count! Or so I'm told... Plus these waffles were amazing and much better than I could make! He loved them so I'm sure we will be going again! At work they got him a cake & all the guys sang to him in opera voices haha. That was seriously so nice & I'm glad they've always taken good care of you.
Also, I knew he would get the nutella & icecream I know him well or what?
The touristy hat was to cover my terrible hair bc I had zero time to get ready bc I was wrapping presents, cleaning, etc...ya know the wifey ignore me please...
 It was seriously such a cute place!!
 This birthday pin was necessary. Lyle doesn't like to broadcast that its his birthday & make a big deal of it but I thought he deserved it. Along with these Star Wars fruit snacks for his lunch...
oh, I also surprise decorated our temporary home!
Lyle loved the package from his parents!
Then mom & dad gave him these shoes & he was in heaven. 
 my two favorite boys!
Murphy selfishly thought the whole day was all for him...gosh Murphy
Lyle wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting & it was seriously so good! Lets not talk about the first cake attempt...but I wanted a great cake that wasn't just a normal cake mix. Also, these candles were pretty sweet. I made one of his favorite meals- pot roast, garlic mashed potatoes, brown sugar carrots & homemade mac & cheese. He opened presents & got a phone call from our perfect nieces & nephew and got silly stringed when he came home. Although no one thinks about the cleaning up after silly string...Lyles birthday doesn't end here because I got him Red Sox tickets! I let him pick whatever seats he wanted too! Someday I hope to take you to a game in Boston babe. I can't believe this time last year we were just engaged & I flew in to surprise you. I will never ever forget your face & the complete shock. I love you so much & can't wait to spend every birthday trying to top the last for you. If anyone deserves it, its you. I'll love you forever & ever & ever. I am so happy you're mine & I got a chance to spoil you! I would watch your superhero movies & eat sushi all day everyday with you, for you, and that says a lot. Happy 26th birthday peanut, i hope this year is your best one yet! 
Love, your wifey

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