Monday, July 14, 2014

Polka Dot Crazed

So EXCITING news, my amazing technologically advanced husband is working on revamping my blog!! No more cutesy backgrounds but rather a more mature and professional (yet fun) blog on my own website. So that is what we have started working on and I am really excited to show it all to you this week! (well hopefully) I was excited to find out on yahoo my blog link is on the first page! (Lyle informed me this was a good thing) Just picture me peering over his shoulder asking what everything means and how that happened...etc etc...because thats pretty much how it went. Yesterday one of my favorite stores featured my fashion on their instagram page and I have been contacted by one of the CUTEST boutiques around to work together on some things. I feel so blessed and excited for what's ahead, even if this is as far as it goes because this is just something that I happen to love thats fun at the same time. SO I was thinking, why not a giveaway?! Share the love kinda thing ya know? I have wanted to for a while but I just haven't gotten around to it and I've been so grateful for all the support and kind words. I'll be posting about it tomorrow so stay tuned! But anyway, here's the post:

 I love this top for various reasons. One reason being its under $20....another reason being, it can be dressed up or down and also because I don't have to worry about jewelry with it. The detailing on it is GORGEOUS and you don't need to worry about necklaces or even earrings if you don't want to because it even has a slight lace collar. The crochet detailing goes up higher than your typical neckline and I love it. Its one of those tops thats so elegant it doesn't need to be bright or loud or have a lot going on.  I didn't even initially pick it up to try on because I didn't see it (how could I miss it!?), but you better believe I saw it hanging in the dressing room- I snatched it up real quick. I love polka dots. I don't know how many of you know that but I do. I even had to tell people not to let me buy any more things with polka dots because I already had enough. This pencil skirt is a couple months old (and obviously before the polka dot ban) and unfortunately I don't see it online anymore but I got it in stores from one of the local boutiques in Utah I think? It was super cute and came with a thin white belt. But I found a couple polka dotted skirts although none of them are exactly like this one, they are still way cute! Theres a green polka dotted one I would buy if I wasn't trying to be good here...If you have your heart set on looking for this one though, you could still check out your local boutiques (for all my Utah friends!). Sexy Modest is where I find a lot of cute stuff.

The heels are my favorite usual. I kept my eye on these for a long time and then they finally went on sale AND I had a gift card so it was the perfect steal. They come in several colors and are super comfy. They have a small zipper on the heel and the detailing on the sides makes them look SO fancy. So far I have worn them with skirts, dresses and even jeans and they look cute with everything. They are the perfect accessory to complete that summer look of yours. I seriously love all the detailing and the lace up in front. They are really unique and fun and everyone kept asking where they were from. I got mine at Macys but the brand is Nine West and when I initially looked they were selling them on their website too (if you can't find your size). Right now it looks as if they are back full price but Macys ALWAYS has such good sales going on and they could go back on sale anytime so if you love them keep your eye out. Hope everyone is having a great Monday! 
It's all in the details...
Yoke Crochet Top: Forever 21
Tan Heels: Nine West Macys
Polka Dotted Skirt: old. but check these ones out:
my favorite ---> Mikarose
or a maxi

Love, Cait

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