Monday, May 24, 2010

dear boys,

 I only find the bad ones.

In my life I have a boy who has a girlfriend who thinks its okay to text me everynight at 11 to come over. Now in my book this is called a bootycall and I am not a girl who you would call for such a thing. Sorry to dissapoint boys. Sadly though i feel like I bring this upon myself though because i love cocky/confident boys. I always always always pick the head athlete and boys that arent outta my league but truly have different standards than I do anyway so I always end up wasting my time.

so theres josh and yes I am using his real name because 1. i highly doubt he would ever read my blog, its really just for my personal use and 2. i also really dont care, because boys with girlfriends who talk to other girls are losers and i have zero respect for them.

So its 12:50 am and josh texts me "wanna come chill with me :) immm verrry bored"

no, actually I dont. Thanks though. I proceed to tell him that I am an angel and he is wasting his time which surprisingly only makes these boys try harder like I'm some kind of conquest, but really...I'm serious.

"ur as beautiful as one but i bring out the darker side in everygirl"

WHAT a lineeeeeee. wow. now sometimes i am a fan of unbelievably cheesy lines but really?

I mean I will admit I can be very flirty and a tease sometimes but i dont think every boy will fall for it and they always do so..but i also feel like its because im in Maryland and i dont want to waste my time with boys who have no morals but thats really the only boys that are here because im not at byu yet and all my friends are on missions/about to leave.

I also have creepers everywhere I go, as stated in the previous blog although im not bragging about this because i know creepers go for everyone. Seriously the other day I was walking into Ross ( to find another pair of heels that I really didnt need) and this guy is sitting in his truck and he proceeds to try and talk to me.

"hey girl" no response
"hey beautiful" i like this one better but still no response
"hey little one" okay im really not that like 5'4..should i be insulted?
he just kept going on and on and not once did i look in his direction

I have gotten really good at ignoring guys when they try to talk to me and I dont do all guys just creepy ones at gas stations or in cars. I mean I feel I'm approachable...if youre normal. But one time I was running and this guy slows to a stop an actually stop on a road to try to talk to me. 1. i am running, leave me alone and 2. i look really disgusting. After this incident I begged for a gym membership to save me from the honking and creepy men of the road.

I mean I feel like everyone comes to me about their relationship problems and I actually do a good job and I'm a pretty good matchmaker considering I have never really had a boyfriend. I've gone on lots of dates but I have this terrible disease where its all a game and as soon as the boy likes me, I've won. But really its slim pickings out that is also the case. Oh I lied, I had a boyfriend from like first grade to sixth until he broke up with me because I wouldnt kiss him. hahaha embarrasssing. But I was a late bloomer (i dont think this is the word but whatever) what can i say? Luckily he and I are still friends.

this leads me to my next boy though sam, my elementary school bf. After he broke my little heart, but not really, we remained friends, as mentioned above. But now the boy texts me sending pictures of his muscles and asking me to come to frat parties with 1. frat boys who drink and party are initially appealing for some crazy reason but then in a split second I realize that they have nothing to offer me. Key word being me because I'm sure they would make great guys for someone else. and 2. friendddd zone. Why would i want to ruin our great friendship?

It also bugs me when boys think they know me and try to tell me who I am...I am sorry no one really knows me but me...and my family...heather and other close friends and prob tommy, but thats it. so below are some recent things i have gotten that really arent so true..

Brendhain tried to diagnose me as and i quote "maneater" because he is a psych major so he proceeded to tell me everything that I did and that I did it on purpose. I really dont though, I'm just nice to those who people arent nice too and they take it wrong.

then theres david who said " if you werent so hot youd be in a relationship but no ones good enough for you" woah woah woah that is so not true, boys here mistake standards for shallowness or things of that nature.

and michael who thinks i am so picky and i should just settle for the next guy who talks to me...great idea!...

i would like to apologize for the all overness of this post, I had a lot on my mind about boys that needed to come out.

love, caitlin

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