Friday, May 14, 2010

but its my birthday...

So my 19th birthday was yesterday and it was amazing...i woke up and felt the same as any other day besides the fact that i had 20 text messages to wake up to. I had to go to school like normal and even work but i also got to spend the day with my amazing family and some of my great friends. My best friend heather and i went to panera and she got me the most amazing rain boots and poster ever. (you know me far too well). Random people were holding the doors for me and when i was running this guy even cheered for me. Heather says "its because everyone knows its your birthday." I also got a letter from my friend jared directly on my birthday which made me happy because as stated before, i love letters. I was sang to at least 4 or 5 times. Once by my dance class which was surprising but really nice :) they are such beautiful singers. i pretty much felt like a celebrity. I also got like 200 something post on my wall and it really made my day, what didnt make my day was responding to every single one of them. But thank you so much everyone.Although in journalism i sat there and didnt really do any work because it was my birthday..i honestly say this like 100 times on my birthday. "shannon can you bring me the laptop? its my birthday :)" i overuse it but since the day happens once a year i get away with it. For my birthday we went to Texas Roadhouse, the best placeee ever. i got steak and strawberry lemonade and cheesecake and cheesefries. The food there is absolutely amazing. I cant wait to go again. My mom even got me a tiara hahaha that i accidentally broke..but it was easily fixed :) At the end of such a good birthday i realized how blessed i am for such wonderful family and friends. There really was only one person missing from my birthday and i missed his text dearly because they are always the best. This is my last year as a teenager so i better do as many teenage things before i can no longer get away with them, good thinking i know.

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