Monday, May 24, 2010

A new phobia?

So I really only had one thing that scared me in my life up until a couple weeks ago...spiders. I absolutely hate them.And no joke I woke up with a spider on me when I fell asleep in the living room and I about had a heart attack. Now I've always been fine with snakes or lizards and such like that because my dad is pretty much another Steve Irwin...he could have his own show on Animal Planet if he really wanted because he knows everything about nature and animals. A lot of my childhood memories with my dad involve going to the creek, hikes and what not just being in nature and looking for "creatures." I really enjoyed it but i would rather be at a sporting event, shopping or really anything other than playing with bugs.

However last week i was driving home from school and i realized that i didnt put gas in the car. Actually i didnt realize this, i knew all along that i didnt put gas in the car, i just thought my car would hold out. I always push my car to the very last bit of gas. Seriously every single day my dad told me not to let it get that low because one day I would run out. And I am very sad to admit he was right since i am the most stubborn person ever. Now not only do i hate to get gas because it is such a freaking waste of money and so unbelievably expensive and i could find hundreds of other things to spend that money on...but there are ALWAYS creepers at the gas station.

"Here dad I'll give you 20 bucks and you go put gas in my car"

Any chance I get I try to get someone in my family to put gas in my car because no matter what time of day I go to the gas station I will promise you there is a creeper there. Lately though, they are everywhere. But anyway back to the real story so Im coming home and literally a couple minutes away and I'm pressing on the gas and the line from the gauge is going to 0. It was seriously in slow motion...and i had to get off the road and fast so i pull onto this random street. I also never knew that when you run out of gas your breaks dont work either although im sure this is common knowledge or something but it was news to me. So luckily i didnt hit a tree or anything but i was stranded there until my sister and brother in law rescued me a while later. Now before you start off with all the sexist comments such as girls cant drive and oh look another woman driver proving our point, let me just say that the gas gauge is already stupid and it like fluctuates the whole time youre driving, so you never really know exactly how much gas is left, you just have to estimate. So now everytime im in this car i have crazy anxiety that I'm going to run out of gas and it is really annoying. I'm sure soon I will have to seek therapy for this newfound phobia.

^this is the new name for this phobia. creative? no. but I just named it this and what i say goes :)

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  1. runoutagasaphobia is extremely creative! and very valid. i would be terrified! and i never knew that your brakes don't work when you run out of gas, that sounds awful!