Monday, May 24, 2010

Awkward SNAKES & missionaries

So I've been thinking about this post idea for a while and it has just all come together. By the way sorry I post like 5 in one day, sometimes I dont feel like writing them and then somedays I wanna write like 20 but anyway this post stems from a story one of my closest friends wrote. So my good friend Philip is in Brazil and he wrote my best friend the funniest story about some crazy girl he encountered in his mission. Let me first say the story isnt funny but the fact that we could totally picture philip responding this way and just his response to it was pretty funny.

So this girl goes up to him and his companion and starts hitting on them basically and she keeps touching phillips thigh as shes telling a story and hes super uncomfortable because obv missionaries cant have contact with girls like at all and shes like stretching so her mid drift is showing and being absolutely ridiculous. She goes on to try to talk about some super innapropriate things with them and they have to eventually send her away. Poor philip :( He was like if I'm this super awkward I cant even imagine how I'm going to be when I come home....

The thing is I feel like most mormon girls realize how awkward missionaries will be when they return home, I mean its sort of expected...People always say "a situation is only awkward if you make it awkward." I definantely do not agree, it can be awkward if he makes it awkward, even if I am trying my hardest to make it normal. For example, I just went on a date with a returned missionary and I mean he has been home a bit and were good friends so it was chill but the hugs are always the worst. Its not the hug itself, but the way they approach the hug. I mean hugs are normal and shouldnt be an awkward or nervewracking thing. I feel like they are like aliens because they dont know any music or movies so its so funny trying to talk about things.

Right now I can easily pinpoint which guy friends of mine will come home super awkward and which wont. Well they all will be to some extent but I actually would prefer that because it means they abided by the rules of staying away from girls on their mission. Hahahaha we have this one friend who we wonder if he will ever be normal again after returning home. I will definantely have to pray for him to get over it or find an equally as awkward girl. But anywayyyyy my friends dad was telling me that snakes are girls on missions who try to flirt with a missionary and get him to like her and they pretty much distract them from what they are really doing.

THESE GIRLS make me SO mad. Honestly if I ever meet them...I dont know what I would do...I just picture them coming onto some of my friends who are doing Gods work and I cant believe it. Please do not hit on missionaries. I mean I'll admit, I have seen some absolutely gorgeous missionaries. This quote is from a friends blog and it ends this blog pretty nicely. It is possibly my favorite quote ever and I am still waiting for someone to make me a book mark of it or something.

"Believe me, I understand the appeal of missionaries. As 19 to 21-year-old boys, they are right about my age. ...Typically, they are good boys, in tune with the Spirit, happy to serve others, good at talking to people, hard workers. They walk around or ride their bikes a lot, so they're probably pretty fit. They keep their hair a respectable length and never look too scruffy or unkempt. And there's two of them."

"So, that's great that you didn't flirt with him. That's awesome that you just really connected over the scriptures. Good for you abiding by mission rules as you purely lusted after the cutie with the name tag."
-this was by heather connor and its brilliant.

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