Monday, May 24, 2010

i love [my] family.

So since I'm pretty much the best sister ever, i took on the task of watching my almost 2 year old nephew connor (with the help of the family) for a couple days while my sister was in the hospital delivering my new neice cassady. Now since it was an emergency C section she was in the hospital from tuesday to saturday. But hard can putting a 2 year old down to sleep be? I mean not that bad right? wrong. Well first off connor cant sleep without having the television on, so we have it on and he finally decides he wants to go to sleep around 1230 which is fine because my bedtime is like 2 ( perfectly acceptable for a college student). But with such circumstances i figure i should sleep when he sleeps. So i turn off the television, which was a huge mistake because he sits up screaming. Cool, just my luck. So then we spend a couple hours watching family guy... Then he sleeps. 8:00 sharp connor sits up and is perfectly happy and ready to start the day. Me on the other hand not so much.

 Now i used to never need sleep, like in high school i would stay up til 1 or 2 then get up at 5 every morning for seminary and be perfectly great. My friends at school would remark on how happy and cheerful I was in the morning and what the heck was I on. But these people dont see me for the first 15 minutes after i wake up, I'm pretty much silent (very much enjoyed by the family im sure) and as rude as it sounds i ignore anything anyone says to me. However, other than right after I wake up, I am just naturally an optimistic and happy person, which I'm sure can be annoying at times..but I'm not over the top. But now a days any opportunity i have to sleep is welcomed. I'm still very much a night person but i love to sleep, so connor waking up ready to go was like really? I definantely realized how as much as i love little kids i am definantely not ready to have them. I am so thankful for my family and i am glad that we have a new addition.

After a very intense hospital visit, with the doctors not finding cassies heart beat, meg fainting and then needing an emergency C section, I am very excited to welcome Cassady Rhys Mcgovern at 7 lbs and 12 ounces to the family. (prounced reese, its irish) Shes perfect and momma and baby are both healthy.

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