Monday, May 24, 2010

i love the weekendd

So this past week was chill, not much I really had to do for once so it was nice not running around. On friday I went to the Orioles vs. Nationals baseball game with two friends and the one girl brought some guys from jmu who were all pretty nice. Our seats were so sweet but okay there were like 3 full rows surrounding us of like these absolutely gorgeous girls all dressed in tiny red and black clothing. They all kept standing up and hugging eachother and then more and more of them would come. And all the while I am trying to watch Nick Markakis in right field.. I was like is this a sorority or something? because every girl looks exactly the same. Most were in the tightest/tiniest dresses a girl could possibly wear with 4 inch heels and they were trying to climb over seats...But anyway i finally went, um what are you guys a dance team..a sorority? She goes oh were actually the Redskins cheerleaders. ohhh okay. After finding this out I was a little more leniant because my family and I are HUGE skins fans so it was pretty cool. And the orioles won the game so win win in my book. But it was funny because we left before the fireworks and I was bummed because i loveee fireworks but anyway we ran into some of our friends on the metro from church. I knew they were there because I was actually texting one of them through the game. Heres how our convo went:

me: "man you guys really should have came and sat with us"
reggie: "we were but then we got better seats so we decided not to"
me:" oh thats really a shame because the redskins cheerleaders were right in front of us"
all the boys at the same time drop their jaws and complain...
reggie:"WHAT?!" why didnt you tell us, we would have been right over"
heather:"you prob wouldnt have liked them though because they didnt seem to have morals"
me:"and by that she means they were dressed SUPER immodest"
all boys make noises/comments of jealousy and sadness since they werent there.

hahaha all boys are the same :)

Saturday was uneventful, so onto Sunday. I went to a good friend of mines farewell and it was pretty depressing but I'm glad that hes making such a good decision. However, his girlfriend was there and she hates me so it was pretty awkward. Although she has no reason to hate me...and he even told me that but she apparently does and she deleted me of his facebook ( dear boys, this is unacceptable, do not date controlling girls). But really I dont think I'm a hateable person at all...shes just mad that we are so close. She wouldnt even let us hug him..he tried to shake my hand.

"i know for a fact that you havent been set a part so i dont think so"
So I hugged him and i think i deserved that hug for driving 30 minutes to see him talk in church. Especially since I have gone for the past two and theres only one more to send off. (out of our 4 eldersburg boys who we hung out with all the time) but really it is such a pet peeve of mine when someone in a relationship hates the girl or guys good/best friend that was there far before the other person was. I mean when someones engaged or married its different but we arent there yet so calm down.

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