Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear picketer, you are rude.

So I got ahead of myself in blogging and skipped a week. So before this fun weekend of Heathers birthday and the Haunted forest I went to Salt Lake and saw conference in person! It was seriously one of the coolest experiences. I drove up with Dahl to meet the Connors and go to it and it was so fun. Well besides the fact that there were super rude picketers picketing our religion. Umm hi, you are rude. I don't stand out and picket whatever religion you are/hate on things I know nothing about. They were like "Mormons aren't Christians" and so on and I'm just like how does it feel to not be educated? Please do research if you want to insult us, so you can do it properly. K thanks. I was just annoyed that they put a damper on such a spiritual experience. But anyway I got in there and it was so pretty and being in the same room as President Monson and all those great leaders was so cool. So after we went to the Saturday afternoon session of conference, I then went to dinner with Heathers family and then while the men were in priesthood session, we went to Desert Books. It was RIDICULOUS. Does anyone else know that women all flock there in large numbers dragging their children and all. It was so funny. I was commenting on all the women shouting and screaming out things to one another. There were so many women, you couldn't even move. The women were like pulling the kids along through crowds of people, and jerking the babies around like they were dolls it was unreal. So anyway then we left Salt Lake and I came back home.

My room mates and I also recently discovered that there is a Sonic within walking distance. AMAZING. I seriously love Sonic and we didn't have one super close to my house in Maryland and now there is one right around the corner. After finding this out my room mates and I went twice in one week, sad. This is when we met Logan and ruined all chances of ever returning to Sonic. Sike, I mean returning as caitlin, larissa and heather because we forced Heather to leave her number and we made things awkward. Whoops. Didn't mean to. I guess we learned that this isn't such a good idea.

Another fun thing we did that week was go to my friend Jacks Poetry Reading! Now let me just brag for one second, Jack and his super cute room mate Conner both wrote this poetry book together and they are in the top 25 of American 20th century poetry books! Check it out: There Will Be Fire. I totally think everyone and anyone should check out the book There Will be Fire because its so good and I totally got to go through the poems one by one with one of the authors. I'm pretty special :) Anyway the poetry reading was really legit even though its not really my scene, although i guess it could be but it was my first time. It was way cool and I'm going again this Thursday!


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