Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is chivalry dead?


Dear confused boys everywhere,

In Utah there is a whole new level to chivalry then lets say at home, in Maryland. Here all the boys open the doors for you and not just doors to stores or anything but your car door?! WHAT. The first time a boy did this for me, I was like what are you doing? Sorry I am not used to such well mannered boys, I am super impressed. I feel like at home boys will ignore you or be mean to you unless they like you but here the boys are like this with everyone which is kind of confusing because you can't ever tell if someone likes you and at home if a boy holds the door for me I'm like wow he must like me and here i'm like oh you too? Okay well thanks, thats really nice i guess although i know you don't like me so please don't be nice to me unless this is going somewhere...
just kidding its really nice boys :)

I think its the little things that count, like when i'm at work and the guy insists his wifes order be taken first and I silently approve of this little gesture. Or when boys let girls go first in line for food its just so cute. There are times when I'm like society is so doomed because look at these boys, were they raised at the zoo but I am so hopeful being out here with these boys. Also TWICE, not once i was with boys and they offered up their jacket to the girls they were with that they thought were cold. They didn't even think about it/worry that they would be cold they just did it. 
The one thing I'm not a fan of out here is boys who don't get your number or ask you on dates. Okay "hanging out" isn't a real date boys and we are not falling for it. There are things such as free dates boys...hikes or picnics..etc. The whole girls like bad boys thing is kind of true i'll admit it but its more looking like a bad boy rather than acting like one/treating me bad. You're looking like a tool not a baller, you're acting like a chick why bother? (Thanks Kesha for these wise words) Please know there is a difference...

Sexist jokes are not funny. Nor will they ever be. If you act like boys are better than girls and repeatedly say things to this effect, then goodbye. I'm pretty sure this isn't very "chivalrous....

A common deal breaker/non chivalrous move is to treat the waitress/cashier/whoever is waiting on you bad. The girl will totally notice, if she likes you she will try not to notice but sadly she will and she wont be able to forget about it. If you are a boy who has made this mistake and then shortly after your girl dropped you then *ding *ding this was your problem. Good thing i helped you out here boy. You are so very welcome.

It is also not very chivalrous to ask a girl out over texting. Who taught you this? (no really who)Where did you learn that it was okay to do this? I honestly don't know how this is okay...i have nothing else to say on this i'm just baffled here boys...

Finally, and most importantly. GET IN GOOD WITH THE FRIENDS. If you are a chivalrous dude, you will treat her friends awesome. I have seen guys treat the friends bad and I'm like well it really is a bummer, i thought you were a keeper but now i know I wont see you again. It really was nice meeting you for 10 seconds though, work on this for the future.

Non chivalrous boys will be super jealous of you and try to say its lame but....
In the end, if you're chivalrous you'll get the girl & they wont, so no worries :)

I really hope chivalry doesn't die.
-A concerned citizen

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