Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Such a perfect weekend!

This weekend was perfect. So on Friday, I went to the BYU mens soccer game with Heather and Jack and it was really fun. I think I was getting a little too into the game because these Weber fans in front of us were the epitome of obnoxious and when it comes to soccer I just cant keep my mouth shut because some of the calls were ridiculous. But they ended up winning 2-0 so it was such a fun game to be at and cheer for. I plan on going to as many games as possible because I love soccer and i love soccer boys...but then again who doesnt? So then after that christine heather and i met up with CL and we went to a bonfire up in the mountains and it was so pretty. It was also freezing but we wont dwell on that...the best part was the stars. I havent even really been up in the mountains since I've been here and I need to. I mean Maryland doesnt really have mountains so I think I need to take advantage of the mountains while I can but now its getting too cold so in the spring I need to go hike the Y and Timp. so if youre interested let me know :)

The next day, saturday October 9th was my best friends birthday, she turned 19!....again hahaha. I had to work a double that day though so I couldnt go to Tacanos for her birthday lunch and I was super sad because I keep hearing about this place and it was heathers birthday...Not cool. But then I got off super early so the boys all picked me up from work which was super nice, CL, ryan, danny and steven. Then we went to Coldstone where Heather works and got everyone to sing to her. It was so fun. After that we went back to Winnies place where we were all getting together to surprise heather. She thought she was closing but she got off early and then we all surprised her. Thennnn we went to the Haunted Forest! Okay let me first say Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because there is so many fun things to do and at home my family and I always go to "punkin patches" and they have hay rides and we always go to a scary place and its seriously so much fun. So when I heard we were going to a scary place I was so excited because I love doing things like that. We went with a huge group of guys and girls and these things are only fun if you have an awesome group of people/super cute boys. Of course CL thought it would be funny to come up behind us and tickle us. Not okay, i hate it when people tickle me, especially in places like this where i am more inclined to pee my pants. Finally to end the long happy birthday we went back and sang to heather and had cake. I hope you had the best birthday :):)

So sunday roles around and i was super excited because I bought the Cauuutesst boots ever...and i wanted to feel the spirit and grow...obv. Anyway it was fast and testimony and i love those sundays because i love hearing peoples testimonies and then Eric taught the lesson about Jonah and the whale and it was super good.

me "hey eric dont call on me or ask me to participate okay?"
eric"will you give the opening prayer?"
me"are you joking...did you not just hear me"
eric"tanner will you give the opening prayer?"
me"wait i thought i was doing it, i was joking i really wanted to"
eric"this lesson is perfect for you"
me" and why is that"
eric" its about jonah and the whale"
me" are you calling me a whale eric?"
eric" (laughing) NO. i'm just saying jonah didnt really seek do what he was asked to do"

So Eric gives the lesson and then after it he come up to me and hes like
"so are you feeling guilty now?" 

why yes eric, i am thank you.

So then theres this cute boy in my ward who will remain nameless and we all got a ride with my room mate Larissas boy Garren and in cues Beautiful boy and Garren calls him over and then beautiful boy being so nice is like does anyone need a ride? and Larissa is like caitlin do you need a ride?! and im like no thank you. And then i'm like christine you can totally go with him and Larissas like NO christine you left something in my car. Wow this whole thing is just getting awkward guys..
Larissa " you will thank me for this later, trust me"
I did. She was right.
So then BB has to wait for his friend so heather and i sit and talk to him and hes seriously so nice and he remembers everything we talked about last time. Oh btw i met him like a week earlier when he drove me to my ecclesiastical endorsement and i had to run in and change into church clothes and i was like ill be super fast no worries. I'm sure he didn't believe me though, because i'm a girl...

me" okay im ready"
BB" wow really, i'm impressed!"
good :)

Then he opened the car door for me and apologized about his car being a mess(it wasn't) and we had so many things in common we both speak Spanish and play/like soccer...ya know all the super important things in life...Anyway this is how i know him and then on the car ride home heather and i were super funny, we always are together because we play really well off each other and she was being such a good wing man. Thanks! Then they dropped us off and spencer invited us to come play games at their apartment and as he shook my hand he was like woah and im all freaked like uh what?! and hes like oh i thought this was your left hand and you were engaged for a second. Seriously this has happened like three times, i need to consider no longer wearing rings...

Anyway then we went to ward prayer and then headed over to the boys to play games. It was super fun, we played catch phrase, a game i love and then some super awkward games where you basically embarrass yourself. Im not super into those games but I played anyway. And then we brought heathers cake over and sang to her with them, they were so cute. But then they started playing signs so i rolled out and hung with jack for a while. Then as he was going in Bryce BB and heather came out. They were helping her carry things home and they were like so heather told us she made this cake. what?! Heathers like i did not! But then they started laughing so i knew they were joking because i made the cake and they were just teasing. So then they came into our apartment and we showed them how cute it was and hung out with them for a while and it was way fun. So basically in summing it up, the weekend was perfect :)

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