Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh hey boy

I dont even need to use names in this post. We had a ward FHE and it was a lot of fun and I met lots of cool people in the ward although I'm starting to realize I know way more guys than girls. Like on Sunday when I was looking around the room, I could tell you every single boys name and besides my room mates like 3 girls. SAD. I have to definitely work on this. Anyway I met this boy, and his name is boy. Not really but we have this funny joke. I was like oh hey are you a girl? I mean I wasnt even trying to be rude he just was in front of all the girls, and girls always get to eat first and such. I mean just one of the perks of being a girl and anyway I think I offended the poor boy so he thought it was only fair to insult me like 17 more times until we were even. Super nice boy. And then we were just going back and forth and he was being so cute, he was like

T: "I'll be across the room and be like oh heyyy girl. Is that okay? Will you respond?"
C: "For sure, but only if you respond when I say oh hey boy!"

Then the bishop started giving the lesson and I realized I wanted some hot chocolate so I asked "boy" if he could get me some hot chocolate and he mouthed now? and I was like okay in a second and he smiled and then he crawled over on his knees and got me hot chocolate. He was pretty much the cutest thing. I really like this boy...along with like 3 others but "boy" is still way cute. I really hope you don't read this boy.

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