Sunday, October 24, 2010

The many faces of sizzler

I got a job pretty fast out here and i absolutely love it. I have met so many fun and interesting people and also learned a lot from the different types of people. I don't think i can really generalize the customers...but i will anyway. 90% of them are old people and this is great because i loveee old people or so i thought, until i started working at Sizzler. Now i see a whole new side of these so called "cute old people." Now i hear them complaining about our prices and telling me i must have rang their order up wrong (nope sorry i didn't). But just kidding I still love them, I really have this weird love for old people, especially couples.

There are some customers that stand out to me that I still haven't forgotten. A couple weeks ago this old couple came in and they were the cutest ever and the he gestured to his wife to order first (brownie points for you) and she ordered and then he looked at me and said "I'll have the exact same thing, if its good enough for her its good enough for me." Then he held her hand as they walked away and after 40 something years they were still so happy in love and it was the cutest thing ever. Most older couples who come in seem so annoyed with each usually one has hearing problems and ill say something and they'll be like what? and the wife will be like yell it and seem so annoyed and impatient and i'm just like you do realize he is your eternal companion right? This could be a long life for you two. I hope i end up being like the first old couple :) Then there was this couple who came in this past week and the wife wasn't all the way there i think she had Alzheimer's or something and he was like helping her and it made me so sad. I started to like cry...right there in the restaurant...super embarrassing but i feel like that would be so hard for him and i wish i didn't remember them as much as i do. Oh so one thing i do when i work is whenever some guy comes in wearing a cowboy hat i always go "are you a cowboy?" so excitedly. I don't know why i do this but i think its because my room mate is so in love with cowboys that her love of cowboys has somehow rubbed off on me and anyway this couple came in and i asked this question and i informed him i was going horseback riding soon with this boy from my ward and he was like
"oh is he your boyfriend?"
 "Nope i don't have a boyfriend"
"Oh well you're gonna have so much fun! Just be careful when you let them out, you know how they can be..."
                               "the horses or the boys?"
For some reason he thought this was so funny and his wife was like oh shes a smart one. They were so personable and nice and gave me all this advice and told me stories about their ranch. They were some of the nicest people i have ever met. And then one of the last people that stood out to me when working was this one lady and she was like hi i'm not from around here so i don't know if i'm gonna do this right and i was like no worries ill help you out and then i was like where are you from? and she was like Pennsylvania and i said NO WAY i'm from Maryland and she got so excited and then we started talking forever and long story short she gave me her business card and told me she was gonna set me up with her son hahaha. She took my name and made me write down her sons name.

"Even if you don't like my son, he has really cute friends, trust me"
..."i hope you don't think this is weird or i'm crazy, I just think you two would be cute" 
Hahaha no worries I don't, I am way forward too, you're good. 

Anyway I love my job and the fun people I get to meet each day, its definitely never dull :)

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