Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home for the holidays!

OH WAIT. I actually wasn't home for the holidays,well Thanksgiving... I guess I was just confused because you're supposed to be home on the holidays but not me. This was my first year away from my family for any holiday, let alone a huge one like Thanksgiving. So depressing. However, I did have a great time in Spring City with the Mickels. The Mickels are good family friends and Dan taught my dad the missionary 
discussions and they still keep in touch which is awesome. Anyway they picked me up from work on Wednesday night and we drove the hour or so distance to Spring City. Over the next two days that I spent with them we saw Tangled, in which I decided I plan on growing my hair out like Rapunzel's. It took like two seconds for me to make this big decision. Then Heather Mickel and I made ginger bread houses, watched Christmas Vacation (Love this movie), Elf and went to lunch and saw the Manti temple. I've never seen the Manti temple in person and it was gorgeous, I love temples. I also got to shoot a huge gun which was pretty intense. I'm actually not a huge fan of guns but it was cool. It was a really fun couple of days. It still wasnt the same because it wasnt my family, but if i couldnt be with mine I'm glad I got to spend it with them.

I think it's pretty obvious which one's mine...
Yup, the bad one. But I get to make one more this
season so we'll have to compare the improvements..

The Manti temple :)

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