Thursday, December 9, 2010

If taylor lautner wants brownies, taylor lautner gets brownies

So you have the best friends, boys trick you into thinking they're all nice and get your number and then you mistakingly like the wrong one because he wanted some brownies and when Taylor wants brownies, Taylor gets brownies but then you realize you really like his best friend who maybe likes you but you aren't exactly sure and you don't wanna look stupid and all along you were just confused because the one boy looks like Taylor Lautner except he is kinda rude (or so your best friend who knows you best thinks so) and you couldn't see past all the beautifulness and it wasn't really your fault was it? The answer is No. You and boy have a lot in common and he makes you laugh and hes way cool. Also he or his room mates may or may not have drawn a picture of him on his white board with a heart around it and my name in it? No clue and kinda confused by this actually... So boy should realize the error in your ways and ask you on a date but he has a really time consuming major and can't ever, ever do anything.

Then theres the soccer studs, who just know they're beautiful and you see them on the soccer field and they have your same number and you're like wow I bet we would have a lot in common and then you think I need to introduce myself to this guy because he friended me and so after the game you're standing there fighting with your best friend who says I'm gonna count and if you don't talk to him by the time I get to 0 we are leaving, so I start panicking and trying to work out what I'm gonna say and I finally walk up as I try to remember if I look cute enough to even approach someone like him and he's way nice and I'm surprised because I didn't expect this and then he shakes my hand and never breaks eye contact with his amazing gold eyes ( yes, they are gold) and I am starting to feel self conscious but the boys smiles and laughs and says he's glad I came to watch him play and he shakes his head as he realizes his error( which i have since learned is a trick boys do to make girls feel more comfortable) because he is not the guy to not seem smooth for even two seconds and we chat and hes nice but then you realize this guy is a player and there is no hope in them and this is very devastating.

Then theres the nice guy who you don't like initially or even think are very attractive but after spending a lot of time with them you think, hey I kinda like this guy and all your room mates want you to fall in love with him because you two would look good together because you both have black/dark hair? and you just dont know if you like him and you don't wanna ruin the friendship but you wanna wait and see where things go because you both have a lot in common, like Harry Potter and randomly looking out the peep hole to see if someones there even though there was no knock on the door. Hmm

Theres also the guy who has a girlfriend who none of your friends approve of and you don't even know why you like him...he's most definitely not your type. Luckily you are starting to come to your senses...

Oh we cant forget the RM, who doesnt even live in provo, who you dont like yet but there could be something there because he's way attractive and nice and funny but hes still in that awkward stay away from me youre a girl stage and you dont know how long thats gonna last because its always different and you kinda wanna marry the boy just to be in the family because you absolutely love them and your family would like it too but is it worth it? And will he change...

The hater. Well we used to be like best friends, we clicked right away and I liked him instantly he was one of those guys you see and youre like I just want to be friends with you so bad and then you get your wish and your friends and people see you everywhere together and they think youre an item and youre like woah I'm new in town I dont know if I want to be in a relationship right away because the boy tells you he likes you and writes you the best poems ever and hes cute and dresses nice but all along you tell him no, I'm not looking for anything right now and the boy repeatedly tells you he understands but nope, he doesnt. Long story short, boy gets mad and cant really be around you and then he tries but hes just different and not nice for some reason and you lose a good friend.

And last but not least there is the missionary, whom you have been best friends with since you were 14 and you met at a church dance and became best friends and you both didn't have cell phones so you emailed all the time and then you both got cell phones and you texted every single solitary day for a year except when you broke your phone, which was a lot because you are clumsy...and he would sent you texts, like on Thanksgiving when he said and I am thankful for Caitlin Leary and no Thanksgiving text ever topped it and then you and your friends would go visit him and his friends and you were all so close and then you realized you've always liked him and why did nothing ever happen, and why did I never say anything, oh probably because the timing was off and he had to go on a mission anyway and him leaving was one of the hardest things ever and you write and write to each other while hes away and you're just waiting to see if he comes home and things are different...

Well heres the summary on the boys. I hope you enjoy the vagueness and the run on sentences :)