Thursday, December 9, 2010


The worst day ever.

Let me reiterate,
The worst day ever.

Now don't get me wrong, i LOVE shopping. I am commonly referred to by my family as a shopoholic. So when I was staying with the Mickels we went at midnight because she had to get something specific for one of the kids and it was a nightmare. Surprisingly I had never gone before and now I realize why I've lived such a sheltered Black Friday life. I almost lost both my arms and a little bit of my sanity. First off if you're claustrophobic, head for the hills. Its just crowds and crowds of people standing around waiting for what they want and they AREN'T friendly. So I'm sitting, I mean standing (don't even think for one second you can sit without getting trampled) for an hour or so 'til midnight and I'm kinda bored so lets try a little bit of small talk with those around me you know? Big mistake, this is obviously a Black Friday fo paux. I mean sorry I didn't get the Black Friday memo on how to act, I'm sure it was evident that I was new...You would have thought I turned to the woman next to me and publically announced I had the black plague by the look on her face. But when you look at the whole picture, I guess we were enemies, competing for the same things...Miss Shannon tried asking the group that was around what she wanted how this whole thing worked and they were like theres only enough for seven people and theres seven people here. The man then proceeded to count them all out for her. Ummm rude. I think we can count. Come to find out its not first come first serve. Its whoever gets the item first. I evaluated everyone around the toy, sizing up the competition.I leaned over and said I bet we could take them jokingly to Miss Shannon who let me add is very pregnant, except maybe the 6 foot guy who seemed to be the ringleader. 

Defeated we figured we might as well stay and find something else since the deals were way good. So we walk over to the huge masses of people surrounding the Wii games and DVDs. We decided to separate to cover more ground and since I'm barely 5'4 I couldn't see anything. But ahh, advantage. I was able to slide in and out of the people and got a front row spot. I like a little competition so I strategically mapped out what I would grab first and succeeded. Okay this can be kinda fun...So mission accomplished. Well the second mission, the first one was aborted. As soon as the wrapping was off all the displays it looked like a mad house. Literally. It was so crazy. Women were blocking out the competition with carts and setting picks. You would have thought I was playing basketball again the way these women were working together.  Walking up front to check I was getting fouled left and right. People were leaning on me and reaching clear over my head.There was pushing, hair pulling and people grabbing my arm. So I started yelling out what would you like? We've got a Harry Potter, a Letters to Juliet and a New Moon dvd. People starting yelling "I'll take one of those," "Oh I want that,"  and "Me!" Needless to say I made it out alive, but I don't think I will be returning any time soon. Preferably never. I would recommend the same for anyone who likes having two arms.

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