Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home Home Home

How I have missed thee.

I arrived at the airport on Wednesday December 15th to see my whole family standing there waiting for me! Then they took me to Red Robin which is obv. one of the favorites. My family then proceeded to tell me they didn't put the lights up on the house and I was way upset and as I pulled in they told me to close my eyes, and the lights were on the house! and it was the prettiest it has ever been. Everything is great about being home, i love it. I recently compiled a list of all my favorite things about being home and some not so great things :

PROS (of being home):
*having a washer and dryer right in the house that you dont have to pay to use it and that actually works...
*it actually seems like christmas
*home cooked meals
*just the presence of my family
*being a kid again with very little responsibility
*i get to drive again!
*my doggies :)
*our beautiful flat screen tvs (sad i know)
* a break from girls- no offense to anyone
*sleeping in my own soft lovely bed

CONS (of being home):
*having white dog hair on absolutely everything
* no mountains :(
*being in a family ward where I cant pay attention

Well it seems the pros significantly outweight the cons of being home, maybe I wont ever go back...

just kidding!

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