Sunday, December 19, 2010

Are your room mates as cool as mine, take this survey and find out!

1.On Tuesday, you spend all day at UVU and your phone dies so you cant contact your room mates and tell them you will be an hour or so late, so they:

a. throw a party & hope you never return
b. start selling all your things to pay for next months rent
c. send out a search party and then one room mate runs out dramatically explaining she thought you were raped and where the heck were you
d. go to sleep

Well if your response wasnt c, then you are one step further away from having room mates as cool as mine. Bummer. But really true story, this week when I was at UVU, I ran into my friend Bryce and he offered me a ride home and I like Bryce, so of course I took it. So Bryce and I just talk and talk and we realize we have so much more to say so we stand outside talking when I see three of my room mates with pepperspray and knives in hand leaving the apartment( okay just kidding they may not have had those, it's just what Heather said) and then Heather comes running out arms waving, yelling and starts giving a detailed description of what she thought happened to me when my eyes get big and I motion to Bryce...H: "oh..hey Bryce..." Well this isnt awkward, but really thanks guys! I'm glad I have room mates like you :)

2.You lose your debit card and then it gets lost in the mail and then you dont get it for like 2.5 weeks...umm cool, your room mates:

a. let you starve
b. make you green beans and mushrooms-both of which you dont like
c. eat the little bit of food you do have left
d. make you yummy dinner every night and randomly bring you home a cupcake just because!

If your response wasnt D, you are two steps away from having the coolest room mates.

3. The boy you like (who will remain nameless) is going to the same event and you think he's kind of into you but he wont make a move, so you animatedly go on and on about this boy dissecting every move you and he makes so your room mates:

a. say "Again? How many boys do you have?"
b. nod enthusiastically, tell you youre gorgeous and any boy would be crazy to not like you and then agree to call the boy and ask if hes going to the poetry reading and also be your wingman
c. put headphones in and walk away
d. point and laugh at you

If you had any other response besides B, your room mates are most definitely not as cool as mine.

4. Lots of good shows are on tv and you dont have the remote, but you see How I met your Mother is on and everyone loves that show so your room mates:

a. Duh. turn it to How I met your Mother..

There are no other options, this is the sole option, apt #220 loves how i met your mother

Well if you got 4 out of 4, your room mates MAY be as cool as mine but chances are they still arent.

I really hope I get 3 new room mates who are as cool as my room mates from this semester :)

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