Sunday, April 24, 2011

my favoritest poem ever.

- Musings on a Thief -

- Choices, and Friends, and More -

i'm thinking of a lot of things

at night in my chair

but my mind (mysteriously) mostly mentions you.

and oh of course i'm thinking about you,

did you even have to ask?

and i don't even know where my mind went to, i can't think of anything:

my work, my art projects, my schoolwork are ignored.

somehow, you took over. and like a detective

i want you to tell me how you did it - (how you stole my thoughts).

i know you want to answer questions that i have

but you don't.

and that's fine

i never really expected you to.

and are we really just going to make faces

at each other all night? (another question, there we go again).

of course half of the time

i'm saying that you're making a face

and the other half i'm hiding mine.

all i'm really doing is waiting

waiting because i've already made the choice

and i'm just waiting for you to make your choice

you've already made the choice to steal my thoughts

(and you've done it very well) my question now is

what are you going to steal next?
Isnt this poem amazing? I read it all the time. I could quite possibly love it though because it was written about me by a published poet with a lot of talent :)

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