Sunday, April 24, 2011

3 Romeos? boy am i lucky

So the semester is coming to an end and two of my room mates are moving out. Its bittersweet because two of my best friends, rach and heather are moving in but i've gotten used to how things are and weve all gotten way close. We did a roomie lunch at Applebees as a goodbye and it was way good! Were pretty good at making time for eachother and i love it. So Heter (really heather) comes back to the room as i'm cleaning it because i just worked a double and forgot about cleaning checks...which is always lovely and since our window is always open theres loud talking right outside of it. I'm kind of annoyed because i think there are so many places that these people could go and have their little conversation at but then suddenly the voice gets creepy and deep.

H: "i think theres someone at our window"
Heter goes to pull up the blinds and i yell to wait, this could be dangerous. Instead i move one of the blinds to peak through and see a pair of eyes staring right back at me. I scream far too loud. Heter falls to the ground hysterically laughing and my other roomie runs in to see whats going on. The figure outside of my window starts laughing and i throw the blinds up. Taylor, kevin, Todd and my roomie millie are gathered around my window. Okay peeping toms, what the heck. They were trying to get on the roof and got stuck at my window, lucky me. It was actually way funny and hard to believe because we are on the second floor and its not exactly easy to get up there. We pushed the screen out so we could talk to them. I pretended that i was juliet and i was lucky enough to have 3 romeos trying to rescue me, although i wasnt really a princess (literally at least..) and i wasnt in any real danger but besides those small details it was pretty awesome. I told them i expected them to be singing and why werent they serenading us and then Taylor broke into song and it was pretty awesome. They then climbed through my window and were in my room. (sorry BYU honor code) But they quickly walked through to the living room and we all just talked for 2 hours since it was prob the last time we would all be able to see eachother since my roomie Heter is going to Taiwain to teach English and the others were moving. But they were so much fun and all three of them kept us laughing all night. I loved it! 

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