Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring must haves

My Spring Must haves:

I have been in love with these steve madden boots for a while and i didnt get them when i should have and now i cant find them anywhere and i am devastated. Even knockoffs would suffice. I think these would look adorable with skirts and dresses. I LOVE boots. If i saw my closet you'd know this

Scarves! Especially this yellow one from american eagle which i am totally getting. Scarves are perfect because they work for spring summer fall and winter. Theres also so many ways to wear them. I like scarves and belts because you can layer them and they make almost any outfit cuter. Floral scarves are way cute too!

Not necessarily in this color, but ANYTHING that hangs of the shoulder, like slouchy tops. I absolutely love them. The relaxed feel is so cute for summer. And you can wear them with anything.
Nude colored heels.
I want these so bad. I have an outfit planned out for these already. I love heels in general, especially really tall ones like these. has an amazing shoe selection. Check it out!

Floppy hats but mainly hats in general. Fedoras, baseball caps, cowboy hats all look so cute at the pool or beach paired with some oversized sunglasses (another favorite accesory of mine).
toms are amazing. Everytime i cut through Nordstrom i have to go and look at the toms. I dont know if its just a Utah thing but tons of girls wear them out here and i never saw them at home. They look way cute with dark skinny jeans or stripes. Just a personal preference of mine though. I love these red ones!

Cardigans! I have cardigans in every color except i want a mustard yellow one. I stole my sisters for a while and loved it. I wore it with absolutely everything. Cardigans dress up any outfit. I wear mine with jeans, dresses, skirts, seriously everything. They are the best. (i like her outfit too)
I love sperrys! but especially these pink ones. I found these at Nordstrom and i love them

I also really like anything zebra print right now. Its so cute! Some of my favorite places to shop are Forever 21 or H&M because they have the cutest things but you dont have to break the bank. The only thing I've really been splurging on are shoes.

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