Sunday, April 24, 2011

A day in the life of caitlin...

I always do catch up posts because i rather like them

I just got an Easter package from my parents and i loved it! They sent me the movie Tangled, awesome socks in neon colors, the newest Harry Potter movie, a target giftcard and chocolate. Do you think my parents could know me any better?

I have been a workaholic but since im going home in a couple weeks the extra $$$ is great. Serving is going great, i think i'm doing very well, im getting good tips and love a lot of the people i get to meet. Im also picking up a lot of service shifts so its way nice.

i cut myself some side bangs and i love them!

sadly my favorite boss is leaving and im sad cause i kinda adore him

I love jamba juice. When i moved out here i had it and wasnt such a big fan but my friend Kaley took me recently and i got Pomegrante pick me up and it was amazing. I just went the other night and got it again :)

Although ive been a workaholic i managed to fit in cafe rio with some work friends, have a fun night getting 7-11 hot chocolate and hanging out at Mandys, saw Just go with it featuring Adam Sandler and it was way funny, had a farewell roomie lunch, hit up Texas Roadhouse with Kaley, etc

my Life stays good :)

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