Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tangled up in well, Tangled

I started off my blog with a movie review and havent done one since so her ya go.

I love Tangled.
Now i am not a huge fan of animated movies at all but this one is an exception prob because what girl doesnt like a movie about princesses and hot animated guys. I kinda love Flynn Rider.

"caitlin youre in love with an animated character..."
"what is that weird or something?"

yeah it kinda is but oh well.

I love to pretend im Rapunzel because she has such long beautiful hair and i love my hair. I'll be honest im kinda obsessed with it and its way long too because im growing it out to donate it.
Now through the movie I had some random thoughts, like when he goes to cut her hair WHY did you cut it so short. Sometimes boys dont think things through. and where are charming boys like flynn?

My parents just sent me an Easter package with Tangled in and i already watched it. I really need to find a new movie to like so i stop watching tangled...

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