Sunday, April 24, 2011

No longer a teenager.

I need to cherish these last few weeks that i get to be a teenager. For some reason all my friends have freaked out about turning 20. Maybe because we are no longer teenagers and that kinda sucks. 20 sounds like i should be more established and im way old and should be independent...but im not.

i feel like i need to go out and do a bunch of stuff that 19 year olds do but then i realized what is it that 19 year olds do that 20 year olds dont? prob not much, but if you think of something let me know. I doubt a lot in my life will actually change

me: "i like being a teenager, when im 20 i cant act like a brat anymore..."
kelly: "i cant wait til you turn 20 then..."

hahaha not that being a brat at 19 is socially accepted either but oh well

P.S- did i mention my birthday is on Friday the 13th?

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