Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gonna be a good life.

There are so many things that i love lately:
  • when boys make me dinner! On Saturday Philip and Jared made Heather and I dinner. Tilapia, baked potatoes and green beans. It was so good and so nice.
  • Accutane. It works wonders. seee :)

  • that i got to talk to my Pappaw today for his birthday! He is the best old man there is. "Hey pappaw i was calling to wish you a happy birthday!" "Oh i thought you were calling to invite me to the wedding"
  • TACO TUESDAY. Oh my goodness, best invention in the entire world. 3 tacos for $1. YES please.
  • my bishop. He is so awesome and i would marry his son just to be in that family. he is so awesome and at any event that he can be and yet he still manages to have a perfect family
  • that Heather spent the whole weekend at my apt. It was like we were room mates again. We met new boys together and the one guy said "that were pretty sassy together" haha probably because we play off eachother really well. We got to go to church and play soccer too.
  • that i'm gonna be a great wife someday because i do breakfast in bed or so i'm told
  • that snickers in brownies turned out to be really good
  • that most of the boys are off their missions
  • that i am doing so well in school even though i'm dying
  • that spring break is 2 weeks away!
  • that HUNGER games comes in exactly one month and a day
  • i LOVE my glasses that i always have for like 2 weeks until i break them, pictures coming soon
  • and that my FAVORITE nicholas sparks book comes out in theaters after that! If any boy would like to take me to see it that would be superb
this looks far steamier than the book was...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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  1. I have been counting down for the hunger games for months now! words cant even describe how excited i am! love the blog! and you are stinkin adorable!
    elsha rae.