Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boot Love

I am so in love. In all my resourcefulness yesterday i decided to sell a bunch of my older clothes to places like Platos Closet. If you know me i have more clothes than anyone and i dont wear half of them so i took them to stores and got $60! Pretty proud of myself for thinking of this actually. However as i browsed through the store these babies caught my eye. I saw size 6 and the dissapointment set in but yet i still insisted i try them on and dont you know they fit perfectly.It was like they were made for me... and they happened to be $14-more than 50% off. I carried one shoe around the whole store, debating on whether or not i needed them and not wanting anyone else to snatch them up while i decided-something they couldnt do if i had one. In the end my boot addiction won out and i bought them to add to my collection. I am so glad i did because they are perfect for both winter and spring. The flowers on them really sold me and the fact that i can make them look like two different boots sealed the deal. I will definitely be shopping at these cute second hand stores where everything is priced so well. Ahh i'm so happy :)
xoxo Cait xoxo

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