Sunday, May 13, 2012

Home is where your heart is

Oh Maryland, how i've missed thee...

 I love telling people i'm from the East Coast because it seemed almost foreign to many of the Utah born and bred. I guess you could say i'm pretty proud of Maryland. Since i've been home i
saw the Lucky one with sheagan & my mom FINALLY, my favorite Nicholas Sparks book thus far but with finals i had to wait til i came home. Oh and I found this song from it thats pretty adorable
already had a crab feast- one of my favorite summa activities :)
not my picture but it looked pretty much the same..
everyone enjoyed it except momma whose deathly allergic but she still sat out on the deck with us
made smores bars. dont worry, only took an hour...
but they were good-even better the second day i might add. However next time, i'm opting for graham crackers, marshmellow and chocolate and everyones doing it themselves..
recipe here:SMores Goodness i tweaked mine and did reeses for half
have gone running almost every single day, part of the whole new me and keeping my butt in shape. Right now i'm doing 3.6 miles but i plan on pushing it up as i prepare to do half marathons and then full ones. I have the best view when i run, its one of my favorite things about being home. I plan on looking like her: or maybe i just wanna be as tan as her...
I spend all my time with "julie" or "jules, juliet, julianna"
I change it up everytime. She even goes running with me every now & then but shes too lazy...obv. i love bella too but running with her would be a nightmare haha
gone shopping! One thing I dont see a lot of in Utah is thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, etc. I know they must have them somewhere but not like the East coast does. I found these little babies on a shopping excursion with momma and I about died. Total- $7.90. And they are brand spanking new so i'm pretty proud of myself since i've wanted a pair for a long long time. The ones i selected were $45 from delias so these are great.
had a night where we all craved cheesecake. SO GOOD
and then shannon and i proceeded to debate on who likes cheesecake more...sadly this is no joke
So many more adventures in Maryland and i am pretty darn excited.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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