Sunday, May 13, 2012

You might be in my home if

Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation has not only been referenced or quoted once, but twice...
& its May...

it takes 20 minutes for someone to answer the door

dogs are barking, children are crying and the tv is far too loud

You overhear any of the below:
"you're wearing that to go strawberry picking? You look like you are going out for know were gonna be walking around in dirt and your in high heels..."

"are strawberrys in trees?"
"...where were you raised?
"i just forgot okay!"
"aww this strawberry is a little bruised..."
"(pats it) lets give it a home"

"Cassady, why'd you draw all over your leg?"
CJ- (my 3 year old nephew) "maybe she wanted a tattoo?"

"i wanna be a runaway groom"

"Fold your arms"
"againnnn, how many times do i have to do this?"

"Just freaking relax!"
"thats real relaxing..."

Cj "none of you are good, all bad, i good i perfect"
meg" everyone step away bc my 3 year old son is about to be translated"
A pray starts off with "and tonight were thankful for our microwaved dinners..."

you see a 2 year old trying to walk around in 5 inch heels that her aunts left lying around

FHE is still dysfunctional even though everyones grown up:
"I'm in charge of FHE tonight everyone, were gonna have it. Everyone write down their goals and things they wanna see, etc..."
" i want to be a mountain lion" -we dont even need to say who said that
"i'll do one for juliet too." (writes down find and marry a boy pit bull)
well at least shes participating, i'll take it...
dad "prepare a will"
mom "my life is almost over"
well this was a success, by the way, none of you are funny.

guests in the house buck at the dogs & say things like "you wanna go?"

someone is throwing a temper tantrum and it is not always when one of the babies is over...

you hear Cassady do roll call ever 5 minutes. She'll go around the room and point at you and say your name and about the 5th time around i feel like standing up and being like "Caitlin in the housee"

you manage to trip over at least one animal on your way to the kitchen

more to come...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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