Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ch ch ch ch changing

"Caitlin, is someone supposed to be picking you up?"
My head flew up as i looked at the alarm and panicked. You see, I had set my alarm for 6:15 because i still had to wake up and pack a little bit before heading home for the summer. But dont worry, i set my alarm for 6:15 pm and there was my shuttle to the airport all ready to go. My room mates started taking my bags out without asking and offering to do things for me as i tore my sheets of the bed. But luckily i made it out to the shuttle leaving behind messes for my best friend to help clean up. However i had been up for about 42 hours straight because i pulled my first all nighter!
After studying for 5 finals i felt like this...
Not that i can brag about that or anything...its not like anyone puts something terrible like that on their bucket list..."look guys i crossed one off! 12. pull an all nighter. sweet. NO. I actually blame Amelia for this who pulled one the week before and did so well...I guess pulling an all nighter just never crossed my mind? I headed to campus for my three BACK to BACK finals (Seriously, my teachers hate me...) 9-11, 11-1 and 1-2. Awesome. I even had to drink an energy drink to stay awake- i'm sad to say this because they are terrible for you! But hey, it did the trick. Throughout the whole day I just wanted to tell everyone I pulled an all nighter. I would look at strangers and just have this urge to tell them how dedicated i was or maybe so they'd think twice before judging me on my lack of concern for my appearance on my last day of school...
er sorry i didnt brush my hair today guys, you see i pulled an all nighter..
& then everyone would knowingly shake their heads with a new found understanding
Another semester over and close room mates gone (half of which managed to get engaged) and i got new room mates for a couple of days which was surprisingly not hard to adjust to) who leave me notes in my scriptures and make me waffles! i LOVE you Dana :)
I said goodbye to my roomies, my apt of almost two years, my room, raintree, friends, my amazing bishop (who still better be there in the fall), the mountains, and provo in general. I havent been home for a whole four months in a long time...not even a month actually so its weird.
So long Utah, see you in the Fall ?

i hope everyone survived finals (or for my MD friends is surviving them...)
and all the new changes
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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