Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Team whoever i really want...not Emily.

Guilty Pleasure #1.
i refuse to work Monday nights. Not because Mondays signify the start of a new week and i want some time off but because it is the BACHELORETTE! i have followed every season- bachelor and bachelorette and i have to say this is my favoritest season ever. Not only because Emily is so lucky and has the hottest selection of men in Bachelorette history....oh wait, that is the reason actually..But also i just love Emily and her southern charm. This week they went to Tennessee! and i about died. I have already selected a few favorites for me uh i mean Emily...
1. Ryan.
Ryan had my heart from the second he pulled out that piece of paper that said you are so beautiful on one side and on the other it said i am so nervous. I may or may not have cried...Lets pretend i didnt because thats embarrassing. But this week he showed some arrogance and talked about how if Emily gets fat hell love her but he wont love on her...haha and even though the wording was funny i guess it was rude and he lost some love. oh but did i mention hes from Georgia? Love restored.
2. cant remember your name but youre beautiful
Finding out his name is just a click away to open another tab but i just dont feel like its relevent. If i had to genuinly pick someone for Emily it would be him. Smile, arms, blue eyes, etc. "i wont take my shirt off"... then he takes his shirt off. But hey i dont think anyone was complaining...except me...when he put it back on. #teamiforgotyourname
3. Jef
Jef is from Salt Lake City. A little part of me hopes hes LDS so i can head on up there and lend him a shoulder to cry on after Emily breaks his little heart. I can tell she likes him but he just looks so darn young for her. And she may be embarrassed when they go out for dinner and everyone tells her how handsome her son is. AWK. Anyway i LOVE him.
Honorable mentions go out to Arie although ill be honest, sometimes he bores me and i cant just let him get by with his blue eyes and black hair #perfection and Doug- the ruggedly handsome single dad.
Notes are much needed on the boys because well, Emily cant have them all, so ill help out. Ahhh now i have to wait 5 days til next Monday :)
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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