Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Everybodys conformin cause its cool to be a

Hipster?? uh what?
Hipsters are a hot topic in my family as of late.
I mentioned the word hipster and mom stopped me. I told her its a new style (but not really)- basically indie if you ask me-anway she thought it was weird and made up until two minutes later the show we were watching referrenced them and we all found this amusing. If you are just as outta touch- here ya go.
if you ask me the urban outfitter wearing, underground music listening, almost hippie like, old school "innovative" hipsters have taken over the world- from the numerous movies/shows turned hipster....
hipster people...w/out beards...
oh my gosh- even asian hipster babies...
But an everpopular yet scarier trend, is the appearance of "hipster" animals.
and sadly yes, the dogs have caught on as well...
"tom, the dogs are acting strange"
WHAT or WHO is next?
& to finish off- some hipster videos that are accurate yet highly annoying. So please watch at your own risk. I just had to post the second one because its SOO UVU hahahaha and i died laughing. Hipsters be erywhere
Be careful or this could be you.
Just helping everyone out. When i feel like getting made up ill show you my own personal version :) Just a little humor for mom & dad, next we need to tackle dub step....
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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