Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mini me

Happy Birthday Laur!! Well two days later youre getting this post. All i can say is i am SO happy we became friends in high school and have continued to remain friends. I have so many good memories with you. From bus buddies for every soccer game, passing partners in practice, you coming to my graduation and me going to yours, from the disney dance trip, you being the little hottie i introduced all my guy friends too, me almost killing you in my car...multiple times, soccer prom, me getting to do your hair for school dances, ritas runs, you knowing EVERYTHING about my life, from all the ups and down. haha down being singular, me being stupid and liking your guy friends *barf, being mini moms togetha, selling trees for the dance companies together and you introducing me to you know who, MD soccer games, back to school dances, grad parties, etc. The amount of memories and inside jokes we have together is ridiculous.
you are one of the few girls i have kept in touch with & i love you!
its prob because sometimes i think we are the same person...
you've always been there and i am so grateful for our many memories :)
Back to school dance
I cant even discuss half of which we have been through but all i can say is I LOVE YOU and i know that we will always be bestest friends because everytime i see you its like we never lived half ways across the country from eachother and well...
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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