Sunday, July 8, 2012

gavin & colbie

momma and i went to the colbie caillat and gavin degraw concert this summer. It was phenomenal. meg and shannon got to see him do a couple songs at the fair a couple years ago and even got his autograph. Since i worked they got one for me too! The leary ladies love gavin. I have seen tons of concerts in my life and this was hands down my favorite. We had the BEST seats-dead center and a few rows back. I think these seats have made it so i will never settle for lawn seats again.
[picture overload.]
The colbie picture overload is for my dear brother who adores her. I even got her on video for him as well because i am an awesome sister.I loved colbie. She looked amazing in a yellow dress and kinda pranced/danced around stage barefoot. Oh and i LOVED her sparkly gold guitar strap. But to Gavin- we all feel in love with him wayyy back when we heard his music as the opening song on One Tree Hill. Mom would make us turn it up real loud while she was moving about through the house. Gavin is a performer. I didnt know that i could love him more but he looked so good and content. He enjoys every second on stage and its obvious. He did not stop moving once. He played the piano and danced and ran around. He was funny when he talked and had everyone laughing and up on their feet. In the middle of a song he took a young girls camera and held it up so he would be in the picture with her as he kept singing. His goal for everyone to have a good time was accomplished. At the end he even came back out for an encore and then stayed forever signing autographs. Next time mom and i decided well just storm the stage after to get his autograph. If you have the chance to see them i highly recommend it. Like i said before its obvious gavin is passionate about performing and well i'm passionate about gavin. So ill leave you with some music so you can fall in love with him too.
ahh his smile is too cute.
the color is in honor of gavin since its his favorite and all
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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