Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Run Caitlin Run

You know those summers where youre like i'm gonna do this...i'm gonna go here or see that, etc etc etc. Well for once i feel like my summer goals are in sight. They are always these 3. ahem 1. get in shape 2. make bank and 3. get black. Well i am happy to announce that they are getting accomplished. Slowly but surely. Number one being what this post is about. I finally made it up to 5.4 miles the other day! And my bucket list goal of running a marathon and a half marathon is doable. Will i find time this summer? Probably not- summer is slipping away so fast. I just got an email yesterday saying "The clearance sale is almost gone, just like summer." Wow buzzkill thanks. But i hope i can find time in the fall with my busy schedule. People find lots of different reasons to run and i feel like if more people ran they would feel way better. I have gotten to the point where i need to run every day and I will think and talk about it until i finally do. It has paid off though because i have lost over 11 pounds and the fact that i can fit into things i havent been able to fit in is amazing. The moms and i went shopping last week and i tried on all 4s in abercrombie. My goal is 20 pounds and i have 22 more days. Hey it could happen. The obsessive calorie counting and running work. So heres some inspiration, some great workout music: well if youre a girl...
Dev-Bass down low
Cher Lloyd-Want U back.
one direction-one thing
sean kingston-beautiful girls
kesha- kiss N tell
Far East Movement-Like a G6
at least these are what pandora keeps playing lately so these are my as of late running songs and if good music isnt enough of a push how bout a good wardrobe? If youre anything like me it'll be the best push for you. I keep finding the best sassy running shirts that make me want to run.
This website has so many cute running shirts with great sayings. Love them all.
Inapropriate? yes. Hilarious? yes. This is for all those harry potter fans. Such a funny workout shirt.
I love every single Nike T shirt. My other favorites consist of "Dont sweat my swag" "I play for kicks" and "kiss my sass" They arent all on this site but they are all Nike so you can buy them at many sites.
I love all Nike everything- its the only brand i use for shoes and my fav for shorts.

This website definitely works for my southern state of mind & is perfect for a girl who loves bows.
Just remember: "your mind gives up before your legs do." &
I am a firm believer in mind over matter and it proves accurate in my life.
good luck.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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