Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life Happens

In recent news:
Cassady is now 2!!
^hence the shoe fetish...
Cassady says i love you every two minutes. Cassady has a shoe fetish. Cassady doesnt like it if you look at her too long and gets shy. Cassady loves shopping. Cassady is a little princess. Since the summer is so short i need to keep reminding myself to do little things for them and be around them so they can remember it. The other day i bought them coloring books randomly for fun and you would have that i took them to a toy store. They loved it.
& Connor turned 4!!
whats that meghan? no guns? dang guess i missed that memo... ;)
He is such a STUD. I love his little fohawk. The second picture is connors really fake smile hence the crazed look. For his birthday we went to pizza hut and he was itching to open his presents. It drove Sean crazy that Connor couldnt focus at all on the present he got but rather on to the next. I spoiled him like the cool aunt i am and had lots for him to open. I dont know if you noticed that there arent any recent pictures of the two of us but thats because the boy can literally not sit still for a minute. This was the first year connor got a "normal" cake because he has always had specialty cakes- a nemo or an optimus prime cake and he noticed haha and even said so. The things that come out of his mouth never cease to amaze me. Lately connors new thing is to ask if he can come running with me and i have to think up reasons he cant and i feel bad but maybe someday soon we'll go on a "run."
we celebrated Fathers Day
where dad was SPOILED...
We got up and went to church then came home and dad got a candy gram and then mom surprised him with his motorcyle jacket by putting it on the seat. Then we all went to dinner at Red Lobster so we could be with Nay since she was working. Dad had a really good day. :)
4th of JULY
Heather julie and i went to a BBQ in Chevy Chase with the DC 2nd ward. However prospects were slim and it was seriously like 100 degrees so we didnt venture on to the fireworks. I wanted to meet this cute boy who bore his testimony the week before and he wasnt there. I baked these delights! They were SOO good and so easy to make and i've wanted to make them for a while now. Instead of regular cake mix just swap it out for a funfetti one. Heather will be mad that we did not get pictures haha. I am too though because we all looked so cute in our red, white and blue.
Well, youre all caught up!
xoxo Cait xoxo

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