Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ello USA

There are so many reasons why people watch and love the Olympics & here are mine.
numero uno reason being:PRINCE HARRY.
 I am not gonna even cross that out and pretend that there is another reason...i mean there should be another one but well honesty at its finest here
in the words of my mother, "he's to drool for."
like mother like daughter i guess because i am in a constant state of hope that the camera will scan to the audience and show prince harry. Mum [you like that Harry? I can pick up the brit lingo
for ya] told me that he wouldnt marry an english gal because the people of England prob wouldnt like that and all i gotta say is Harry hasnt met me yet. Oh and did i mention he has an accent?
numero dos reason being- winning looks.
When dad starts to yell at the olympians-especially my olympians i get a little defensive. "Dad please stop yelling at ryan, he doesnt like it!" or "youre stressing him and now youre stressing me." I like to talk for them and act like i know how and what they are thinking. Nathan, Ryan and Sam. P.S-Adrian is 6'7!
numero tres.-gymnastics is my favorite thing in the world.
Gymnastics and figure skating are my favorites. Not really surprising though since everyone likes those but i REALLY like those. I cant help but scream-yes scream-everytime one of our girls steps out or wobbles. Our team is amazing and poor Jordyn was screwed in the all around.
numero quatro- Alexandra Raismans....parents.
Hahaha watching them was almost better than watching the olympians. They looked like they were on a rollercoaster ride the way they were moving it was hilarious. The parents in general are awesome to see. I love when they show the parents after their son or daughter wins-its adorable.
numero cinco-they take place in LONDON!
I would give my right arm to go to London. Scratch that, i would give my left arm.But anyway i love when they show the scenery from London during the commercials. Its so beautiful and i cant wait until i go there. But it really all comes down to the fact that the olympics dont happen every year and the best athletes around the world come together and compete. You cheer for your country and hope for the best. It creates unity and makes me proud to be American. And coming from a girl who loves sports and loves competition- olympics are my kinda thing. i guess you could say i fancy them.

Oh and i cant forget the Olympic commercials, they beat the superbowl commercials in my book.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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