Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chocolate wasted.

but not really...
because we went to Hershey Park yesterday and didnt eat one single piece of chocolate...
Shocking i know. We just were such on a mission to hit all in the rollercoasters, no time was wasted in the gift shops. If you've never been to Hershey Park you should go. It is HUGE and the price is good. We coulda spent 3 days there to be able to do everything. We all had a lot of fun and were sad our prego mego or her fam couldnt come. Heres some quotes to show you just how our day went:
"shannon, you act like we never take you out in public..."
"Hey i'd rather her be like hey i'm gonna jump a fence girl rather then mopey fact girl...Hey do you guys know how many puppies were killed..."
"Can you go a whole hour without saying something depressing?"
"Then he took off his hat and then he was bald..."
"those arent the lyrics..."
"I'm actually gonna be rascal flatts new writer, they should change the lyrics."
"i bet their next albums gonna tank..."
"Shane do you know how many calories are in that?!"
"mmm these calories taste good."
"Are you making up your own lyrics again caitie?"
"jeez look at my ethiopian siblings..."
"can you please stop doing your step routine, its a little embarrassing..."
"wow guys can you believe i remember two of my routines from 8th grade?!"
"please stop."
"no i'm like one of those street performers, at least im entertaining"
the band perry comes on and the family breaks out in song
"wow and you guys call me embarrassing? this is like disney sing along"
"it wasnt terrible..." "...mom, you were practically crying..."
"look at that creeper staring at us"
"hey guys dont worry, i'm going to go get help, sit tight!"
"am i the only one enjoying this rain?"
"my makeup is running down my face."
"hes probably looking at my hair, not me, boys just love it"
"you arent supposed to say things like that out loud."
We only managed to get an end of the day photo after the morning started off with rain and my poor mother holding our paper map over her head. We all can imagine how well that worked out....Afterwards though we got a beautiful day of sun. My knee started to bug me an hour or so into the day and i didnt have my brace so that made for a really long day.
Hershey Park even had a zoo type thing that everyone seemed to really love. My family could have spent all day there meandering through the animals and spending a good chunk of time. I however was getting hungry so i popped a squat in front of the deer where i got an entertaining show from some squirrels...obv it wasnt my thing if i found your everyday animals of squirrels and deer more interesting than big cats or bats. In my defense there werent giraffes or elephants.
I even convinced mom and dad to ride the ferris wheel with me even though they both hated the height and having to stop at the top. Mom told me to stop moving. Mom told me to stop talking. Mom was really having a hard time. I however loved it and we all lived- like i knew we would.
This was my 4th time to Hershey Park- 1st time in elementary school with the Lancasters and the 2nd two times with my choir in middle school and everytime i have had a great time. I cant wait to go again and do the water park. There is still so much to do!

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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