Sunday, September 2, 2012

oh sometimes...

sometimes momma and i stay in fancy marriotts and i love it but sometimes i cant ever figure out how to work the showers and then sometimes i am so tired i fall into a 4 hour coma sleep after a full day of flying. sometimes i tell my BFF about my BF #princeharryduh #didyouevenneedtoask? and how he got caught naked after playing strip billiards and sometimes of all the things, she responds with "why is he so bad at billiards?" hahahaha. Sometimes i accidentally follow a boy throughout all of bed bath and beyond because he kinda looks like jimmer and maybe hes his long lost cousin but then i do the ring check and well hes taken. Sometimes getting to know you games are the worst thing in the world. THE WORST. Because sometimes you have to ask stranger boys to marry you [true story] and sometimes every time you smile a girl has to say hohoho and you feel terrible because you never stop smiling and she will be saying it all night. sometimes you walk into your ward for the first Sunday and then you put your face in your hand and sigh. #thisisterrible. cause sometimes the guy to girl ratio is 20 girls to every 1 guy. Sometimes we have to play a game where we say something we like that goes with the first letter in our name and i keep saying "i'm caitlin and i'm clumsy" and heather goes "i dont think you understand the game..."haha so i end up saying i'm caitlin and i like cowboys but what i really want to say is i'm caitlin and i CANT stand getting to know you games. but i think that might be rude so i refrain. Sometimes i refuse to wear a nametag on my shirt and put it on my pants and my bishop says no one will know my name and i say sometimes that well maybe we could just go back to the olden days when people just asked what my name was instead of having things made easier for these boys. Sometimes Jared says rude things like this "i'm going to buy my wife a 40 thousand dollar ring from Tiffanys just to spite caitlin." how nice. Sometimes i skype with the whole fam and i take my laptop outside to show CJ the fishies and hang my laptop over the pond and sometimes i really hope i dont drop it in the pond or worse, someone walks by and thinks i'm crazy. Cause sometimes i got my priorities straight. sometimes i LOVE my church outfit

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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