Tuesday, June 29, 2010

rhymes with dohn

"We're just friends."
"Yeah I know"
"Okay well friends dont hold hands"
"my friends hold my hand all the time"
"what kind of friends do you have..."

I am so fed up with boys, something seems to be wrong with everyone of them. Most recently, theres this boy and were gonna call him Dohn. Dohn and I have been friends for a while and I always made it clear to him that he was just a friend, I mean I was kinda over the top but I didnt wanna lead him on, something that seems to happen a lot because boys get excited over nothing. But anyway I would be like ohh hey...FRIEND. Cant miss it right? Anyway he kept coming over a lot and hanging out and Dohn and I sat out front on my steps for like 2 hours just talking and getting to know eachother and I started to think he was pretty cool and did he really deserve to be in the friend zone? Dohn proceeded to try and hold my hand and I was like umm no. Hence the whole conversation above and then he was all I'm gonna get you to hold my hand. The whole persistance thing was kinda cute but sorry Dohn, its just not happening...I just started getting to know you and I'm not a hand holding slut jeez. So i said goodbye and sent dohn home. Now heres where I started to realize I was right by immediately placing Dohn in the friend zone even though he really is sorta beautiful. HES AN AWKWARD HUGGER. I dont know if I mentioned this in a previous blog but I probably have because it is such a turn off. Everytime Dohn tries to hug me he shoots his arms out big and goes hug! like a caveman. I really cant do justice in explaining how awkward this is. Its like a mix between a caveman and a 5 year old. I mean your out of high school why havent you learned how to hug people yet? They should make a class for it or something because I worry that he wont grow out of it and its a dealbreaker. Maybe just for me though but still.

Sorry about this tangent but anyway the next night Dohn comes over and its just us two and he wanted to watch a movie so I'm like okay sure. This is when Dohn turned into a totally different person. The nicest way to say this is a meathead moron. So I'm putting in the dvd and I turn around to see Dohn, who had rolled up his sleeve and was examining his muscles...really dohn?...really. Oh and we watched new moon (his choice...) and he proceeded to do this the whole movie. Taylor Lautner is shirtless 90% of the time so Dohn kept saying jealous and petty things such as look at my arms and then look at his, he seriously has no triceps( or whatever, I really dont care about parts of the arm). I kinda sorta let it slip that I had a thing for arms on guys and he just took it over the top. He was so self absorbed...what a fun evening. I just basically realized hes not the brightest crayon in the box, he just would ramble on about the dumbest things and he was so immature, so embarrassing. Now some people will say if I start to like a guy I will immediately find something wrong with him thats not a big deal and make it a big deal but honestly these were big deals. I cant be smarter than him, although I dont want to be way dumber than him either so I guess there has to be a good balance but this was just ridiculous. So after a whole night of listening to Dohn talk about himself and say random dumb things I realized whatever this was needed to end. Dohn and i are just friends now & thats all we will ever be.

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