Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The towson boy

I miss you towson boy. This is probably one of my favorite stories from this year that I forgot to write about so ill share. Well in April I went to visit some of my favorite people at Towson, for my friend Hannahs birthday. I went up with Alyssa and we hung out with them before going to this kids house party off campus. It was a lot of fun and I met this boy named Jason. Now I probably think so highly of him because he never got a chance to ruin my opinion of him or for me to pick out something wrong with him and change my mind but lucky him we never even got this far. My first conversation with Jason wasnt even really with Jason...I was talking to someone and telling them I was Irish and he goes youre not Irish...First off why does this happen all the time, people acting like they know you or tell you youre wrong. Excuse me..I am very Irish. And also everybody believes I'm like foreign or something, like hispanic. I assure you that I am not.

"youre definantely not Irish, youre hair is black and youre so dark, your like Italian."
"umm no I'm Irish thanks though"

I kinda liked that he was nosey and cocky by butting into a conversation that didnt involve him...Anyway
So long story short Alyssa was dancing with this boy and she ran and jumped on him and he fell backwards into this glass mural thing and it cracked...whoops. So the kid kicked everyone out. So I thought all my friends were out front and I walk out and no one...So I'm basically wandering around this strange neighborhood waiting for them all to come out bored when Jason comes up beside me. I ask him where hes going and he says back to the dorms, so we walk and talk all the way to his car...a blue 350 Z. I love nice cars and boys...and boys with nice cars. So he says hell give me a ride back to school. We pull up in front of the house and I hear all my friends calling my name...apparently I was lost. I lean my head out the window and smile big because 1. im in a pretty car and 2. im with a pretty boy. My friend foxy starts laughing and says something about me being in good hands and shell see me back at the dorms. okay byee! We actually had great conversation, he was really funny and charming and so nice.
Bits and pieces of our conversation I can remember:

"so what do you major in?"
(he names some crazy science thing) "if you know what this is, Im gonna marry you"
(crap, I really wish I knew what it was)
"haha no pressure.." I guess wrong..
we flirt shamelessly the whole way back

The kid tells me about his family his car school everything and he doesnt even know me. Hes either really trusting or stupid. For all he knows I could be a serial killer...luckily I'm not but still, you never know these days.

So Jason parks far away in this garage and we end up having to walk like a mile...cool. So were walking down these steps and a huge group of boys walks by and he grabs my arm and goes wait.

"I just feel like youre the type of girl that they would like and I dont want them to see you"
what the heck does that even mean? and if so I want them to see me
"here if anyone asks your my girlfriend (he grabs my hand) this will make it more believable"
I dont get the roleplaying... but I LOVE it oh also..Smooth kid, very smooth

Now I frequently tell people that I dont like hand holding but I usually tell people I dont wanna hold hands with that...I actually love it. Its such a simple thing that is so perfect and innocent.
Then I think Jason says something about me being pretty or something else so cute but I cant remember.

Then Jason drops my hand when we get to the door and I probably look devastated..(At this point I had convinced myself that towson boy and I were a thing, prob because he was looking so cute in a green button up and holding my hand so it was a rude awakening.) He looks at me and says "Not that I want to let it go though.." nice save. Then we get to the dorms and I cant find my pass to get back in and hes all like dont worry about it Ill just sign you back in. (This was so nice that he was really pacient because to sign someone in takes foreverrrrr, or at least it seems that way.) Luckily I find it! So we go back and everyones already there, prob because we had to walk like a mile but whatever. Then the perfect night ended, sadly.

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