Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i am so cool.

Tonight I am going to the midnight showing of Eclipse. I am so cool...

I am seriously so excited though! Besides the whole waiting two hours before hand, seeing all these moms in their twilight shirts and hearing all the screaming girls every time Taylor Lautner shows up on screen its a pretty good time. I went to the midnight showing for both Twilight and New Moon so why end the tradition now? I am not even embarrassed to say that I saw both in theatres at least three times because yet again I am so cool...haha. The other day I was in Suncoat with my dad and there was a couple life size cutouts of Taylor which I for some reason really want. I mean I can only have it for so long because when I'm married I dont think my husband would like a cardboard cutout of a teenage boy just hanging out in our bedroom. But then again maybe he could become a tie rack for him or hold my jewelry. I think it would be overkill to ask if Taylor could share the bed with us...But back to the story I told dad that it would be a great surprise if he brought Taylor home for me today I guess in celebration for the new movie coming out. The convo didnt go to well...

"but dad shannon and I could share him..he could be in my room for 5 days and hers for 2, thats as fair as it gets if you ask me..."
(dads laughing)
"no but really dad, this would just make my life, hes even on sale!"
"But I have to buy him and carry him out of the store"

Basically my dad was pretty embarrassed and said something about people thinking it was weird he was carrying Taylor out of the store. He turned the whole thing into a joke, as usual. Im still crossing my fingers that he will surprise us, because I loveee surprises. Although I guess its not a surprise because I planned the whole thing and my dad probably wont get him because he thinks a cardboard cutout of a teen heartthrob is pointless...and in a way it is but whatever, a lot of things I want are pointless but I still want them. I cant wait for tonight and hope I dont go deaf from all the pre teen screeching...

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