Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thats a big facebook no no

Facebook has pretty much made me bored lately...I mean dont get me wrong, the fact that I can keep in touch with friends and family all over the world is pretty awesome but sometimes I just get on and learn that sometimes people just dont think. Heres a facebook etiquette handbook I made for those who are a little confused and just some things I've noticed that needs to change:

1. boys pick dumb defaults that dont show their true beauty.
This is the absolute worst. This conversation happens far more than it should...
"so theres this guy I like..."
"what his name?"
"no dont go look at his defaults, he picks dumb ones"
"boys always do"
This is an exact conversation by the way. Here I'm trying to show off this boy who is seriously so attractive in person but he picks pictures that make me go really? What was your goal in making this your main picture? To make yourself look terrible..because if so mission accomplished. I guess the only real solution to this is having me pick every single facebook picture for all boys, a time consuming task but if it will change this terrible problem, I'm willing to do it.

2. Dont like your own status.
Why do people like their own statuses? Obviously you like it, you wrote it. Why would you write it if you didnt like it. After I made this my statuse my brother then made a status and liked it to annoy me. It was actually pretty funny and the only time I accepted someone liking their own status. I will never ever do such a thing.

3. This ---> hATes wh3n Peple WrIt3 ThIS WaY...is NOT okay.
I can not tell you how many times I have blocked people from my newsfeed for writing like this. Not only is this extremely annoying but its also a hazard because people can seriously strain their eyes by trying to read this stuff...so next time you wanna write like this...dont.

4. Posting photos of yourself intoxicated...? really
I mean I have only one word for this. Embarrassing. Alcohol spilled down your shirt or hooking up with someone that was well an accident. Also a lot of employers and important people will look you up on facebook so I hope that doesnt come back to bite you in the butt.

5. Giving Far too much detail
I'm at the Starbucks in the Columbia mall in my cute new pink dress all by myself. Someone come entertain me!-Are you serious? You are asking to get kidnapped. Facebook is such an easy place for people to stalk other people. It is probably not the smartest idea to post things like this. Or your phone number, address and so on. You would think this was common sense...but you would be surprised.

This is irrelevant but it goes along with kidnapping and makes me laugh :)
did you hear about that kid napping? Yeah the poor kid just woke up...

Now I'm not trying to come off rude or anything...I'm just saying. As I think of more or if I think of more Ill add them

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