Tuesday, June 29, 2010

shoes can change a girls life, just ask cinderella

Just some comparisons...

Thank you parents for somehow combining genes to make me short because now I can wear really really high shoes. I was at target trying on shoes (what else) and my friends and I started laughing about how we will force a shoe to fit. Its the only shoe left and the size is just a little snug. Oh well its mine. I'd rather be in pain while wearing these amazing shoes than see another girl wearing them. I guess I'm kinda selfish. Then I started thinking about shoes and boys and how they are alike. Sometimes a boy isnt right for me but I want him anyway. I know that we dont have this in common and its pretty important or he has this bad habit but I want him on my arm anyway. I do this with shoes all the time. This shoe is pretty uncomfortable but I'm so in love with it, I have to get it. This is definantely terrible thinking on my part but I still do it.

Since its summer I have again turned into a nerd. Every year the inevitable happens and I live at the library. Im even in a book club with my friend which lasted all of like 3 days hahaha where we would go to the library and pick out books. We would have to get a book full of things we wanted to learn and and so on. The first time heather got a book on cars and football I think? so she could impress the boys and I got one on manners (although I dont know why because I'm so polite..) and mythology..not that this was gonna impress boys so basically looking back my choices were stupid but oh well. We even had an honorary member haha. (Thanks for humoring us Tommy). Anyway I've been going to the library and getting like 10 books a week and in the past 2-3 days I've read a book a day when I lay out in the sun. But other than just being entertaining and teaching me useless facts that I will try to cram into everyday conversations, books and the library teach me more. So I was wandering the aisles..somewhere around the Nicholas Sparks area and I realized books were also like boys. For a while I was picking books off the shelf based on the colors and details of the binding/spine or whatever its called and then I realized that was a bad way to select books. But sometimes thats how boys are normally selected, which is pretty shallow but it happens. And then I would have to pull it out and look at the cover and read the books description to realize if I like it. With a boy this is the first impression, the meet and greet and finding out his name. All is good until you start reading the book and realize this is either really depressing or misleading and stop reading it, which does happen. Yup this happens with the boys too.

I could pretty much compare boys to anything actually...maybe this is a talent I should further explore.

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