Tuesday, June 29, 2010

please stop dating controlling psycho girls.

I feel like all my really attractive, really chill guy friends date psycho girls and its starting to get annoying. So i have this one friend who him and i always like eachother on and off. We talk on the phone and text a lot, were just really good friends. But then he took a turn for the worse...he started dating a monster, and im not being petty, shes legit a monster. When he first told me about her he called her crazy and said he wanted to stay away and now theyve been dating for months...what happened here? Where did we go from smart sensible boy to whatever ill date the wacko. She told him he couldnt talk/hang out with other girls and she even deleted me from his facebook. Really now? How old are we. His excuse for her was he deleted some guys off her so she just did the same. yeah OK I believe that...

1. it is not OKAY for couples to stalk eachothers facebooks/have eachothers passwords/ be able to delete people. This is just ridiculous, i will never delete someone off a boyfriends facebook.

2. i do not know you/ have never ever even talked to you

...i dont even have to be in a relationship to know what not to do to be considered a controlling crazy girl. If a guy/ girl is bestfriends with someone first, who am i to say umm no you cant talk to them anymore? thats right i cant. I feel like someone should write a book for controlling people, so they can learn how to be normal..although im sure such a book has been written so if someone knows of one let me know. Recently a new theory was just thrown out....

"Hmm did you ever think that maybe all the girls arent psycho but maybe ****** is psycho himself and thats where the problem is?"

PURE BRILLIANCE. This has to be the problem, i mean i have given him the benefit of the doubt but really? She wont even let you hug me and for you to let her not let you hug me says somethings wrong with you. 

"hand shake?"
"umm no, i know for a fact you havent been set a part and i will get my hug"

Boys always tell me a girls crazy and then I find out later that those two people are dating and I just do not understand. Was the boy lying or did the crazy girl just turn him crazy also? I guess well never really know. Maybe someday Ill do a study on this..

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