Monday, March 28, 2011

Turn me on...or off, whichever you prefer

Dear boys, take notes.
If you wanna turn me off:
bad breath. enough said

crack your knuckles, head, back, anything. it makes me sick

 Do i look impressed that you have a tattoo on your arm? Look at my face, umm no. I hope i dont offend anyone but i do not like tattoos at all. Im sorry but you have a sleeve tattoo and now I am no longer focused on that beautiful bicep below it but instead the overbearing artwork of some Chinese symbol that prob means meat head...I know you didn’t get it for me, nor do you prob care what I think but really it would be nice if you would at least consider my opinion next time you deface your arm...thank you.

Wheres your hair? Now this isnt a deal breaker but it definitely isnt a turn on. I like guys with hair. I mean my dad is 50 something and he still has great hair. Is it too much to ask for my future husband to have hair too?

I'm sorry is that a hole in your ear? why.

Insult me. okay except that one time in middle school when Buddy asked me if i was wearing a tablecloth and i adored him ever since for more reasons than just that though. It was a lack of good fashion judgement on my part (something that never really happens, except in middle school) and i never wore that ugly thing again... When boys tell other boys this works i laugh. Putting me down and saying mean things will not get me to fall head over heels in love with you, although over complimenting me prob wont either because thats just creepy. But it is nice if you would notice that i curled my hair for the first time in like 6 months...Now teasing is a different story, thats cute

Dont shower, smell bad and dont care about your physical appearance at all. Easy enough right.

have 0 motivation to get a job, do anything in life, etc.

be a blonde. okay just kidding but i always tell everyone im not attracted to blondes when the last two guys i thought were kinda cute were blonde...although really tall, dark and handsome wins every time

wear girl jeans. there are many boys in utah who like bedazzled jeans and i feel as though this isnt okay

have a bad laugh. my room mate suggested this one and i wholeheartedly agree.

 If you wanna turn me on:

you drive a motorcycle?! Bad A & pref look like this while riding it
Intelligent guys are a real turn on, i just cant date stupid boys.

Guys who are passionate about things. Guys who are easygoing.

wink. i love it when a guy can wink. Let me clarify, wink at me, not one of my many cute room mates

Confidence borderline cockiness. i like it when guys intimidate me a little and they know what they want. Theres just this attitude about them that i love. Guys who are down on themselves, unhappy, negative are not going to go anywhere. No one wants to spend every second reassuring them.

You smell so good. wow. When a boy smells good its embarrassing how much i love it. Like i would be one of those embarrassing girls on the axe commercials who like goes crazy, i always point it out too

I love hats. Like love. My favorite song lyrics are "and i think i like him better with the fitted cap on, he aint even gotta try to put the mac on." The first guy i notice is a guy in a hat. This however could be a turnoff because he could be covering up his receeding hairline and that would be terrible. (see above for turnoffs). But in the event that he is covering up a beautiful head of dark hair then great! because I enjoy boys in hats, mainly fitteds or baseball hats. Boys at the gym love to wear hats when they work out and i love that they love to wear hats. Win win situation for everyone involved right?

A great smile. So obsessed with smiles. If when he smiles i smile its a good thing. I so approve. along with beautiful arms. Two favorite things on a guy right here.

Playing hard to get usually works. But only at the beginning. I'm a pretty competetive person and i like a challenge just as much as the next person. However if the guy changes his name and moves then hes prob not just playing hard to get rather he thinks youre a stalker...just a thought

hahahaha this is the funniest thing ever. i love it & i love vnecks.
Semi know how to dress. Im not talking dressing better than me or anything but have some care please like good shoes. Its weird but ive always like high socks and like nikes or jordans, like shoes like that. the whole lax bro look. i kinda dig it.

wearing church clothes, like ties and button ups. yesss.

make me laugh. Not that hard to do.

oh and please like sports.
Added bonuses:
Speak a different language (SPANISH) but knowing asl would be cool,  like to cook, love to dance (you dont even have to dance well, just go for it and dont be embarrassed) be romantic, serenade me through singing or guitar actually just play an instrument in general wow, pay attention to me, lovee blue eyes and dark hair, etc
However, if you look like any of the following, nothing else matters:
And my definition of absolute perfection, the boy i compare all other boys to:

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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