Sunday, April 22, 2012

Again with the Sometimes...

Sometimes you see a certain someone in panda express and pretend like you dont and that you also no longer want to eat there and then leave as fast as your little legs allow
Sometimes you need to call your mom to find out what you want to eat
Sometimes you see your old math teacher and for some reason you act like youre seeing taylor lautner
but then sometimes you remember he gave you a B and the feelings change
Sometimes you go to pack and wonder why you have 4 huge boxes and still a full closet...uh what?
and then sometimes you start feeling like a child in the middle of a divorce because you have to leave half of your stuff behind and then sometimes you get sad because you know you are gonna need your red heels within the four months
and then sometimes in your packing you realize you have your priorities straight...
obv the cosmo should be next to the daughters of our kingdom book....
Sometimes you just really want chocolate and everytime you get a text you respond with "i want chocolate." whether its relevant or not...
Sometimes you go to the gym to work out and study but then Save the Last Dance is on on your tv and well that choice is easy to make...
Sometimes you tell your geology teacher he looks like Kevin Bacon and then things get awkward.
and sometimes you wish you didnt say everything that was on your mind
Sometimes your bishop tells you that the two of you are a lot alike and its a pretty big compliment bc sometimes your bishop is hands down the best
Sometimes you realize its April and your ringback tone is still mistletoe by the biebs and youre a little bit embarassed but sometimes its not your fault bc you dont know how to change it back bc sometimes you get a new phone...
Sometimes you see the lucky one trailer and dieee cause youre so excited!
Sometimes dinosaur boys give you m and ms and they get a little bit hotter
and sometimes by dinosaur boys i mean they look like dinosaurs, which if you ask me is way cool
Sometimes you have dreams about failing your spanish final and then you realize you arent taking spanish this semester...
and even worse, sometimes you have dreams that one of your missionary friends comes home and turns into a drug dealer and then sometimes you experience deja vu with all this drug dealing business
Sometimes boys text you to ask you on a date and you are so confused because sometimes you automatically think, well he must be a mute if hes not calling me..which means sometimes foreshadowing takes place and you figure a date with a mute wouldnt really be that fun and you have to say no.
Sometimes i get my eyebrows done and i get really dramatic and think they look terrible and then i tell myself it isnt the end of the world until i look in the mirror again and realize it actually is the end of the world and give myself permission to resume dramaticness
Sometimes my mom uses the word tool and its hilarious bc sometimes she uses it wrong.
Sometimes i tell boys who flirt with me on the bus that i have a boyfriend and his name is different every time
Sometimes southern accents sound hot...(ok all the time)
Sometimes a boy posts for all the world to see how cool you are and you swoon and are glad he realizes how awesome you are
Sometimes all everyone talks about is their roadtrip to Cali that you cant go on bc you have finals
Sometimes the best day consists of playing soccer and laying out at the pool
and Sometimes you have to say goodbye to a really important person and sometimes when youre standing there the butterflys in your stomache are out of control and you know the exact feeling of nervous excitement
 and then sometimes that person sits on the same side of the little booth with you and talks to you for like an hour and makes you laugh or he smiles when he sees you and sometimes he stands up and basically says have a good life bc the two of you will never see eachother again and sometimes you just want a hug and he stands there forever but you arent gonna ask for one and sometimes he turns and leaves like its nothing and its sad so sometimes you treat yourself to a reeses blizzard and sometimes you feel a little fatter bc you got extra reeses...whatevs, totally worth it.
Sometimes people complain and tell you to stop signing even when your hand is down low and its habit
Sometimes all your roomies move out and its way sad.
Sometimes you already have two job interviews lined up before youre even home :)!
and sometimes you spend over 4 hours in the math lab in one day and sometimes you wonder why because you are most definitely not a math major.
Sometimes you are too lazy to go grocery shopping so sometimes all day you just have to eat lucky charms and even though sometimes thats okay, you sometimes worry you will turn into a lucky charm
 and sometimes you are blogging when you should be studying for finals. whoops

xoxo CAIT xoxo

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