Friday, April 13, 2012


Sometimes people look forward to Friday all week long & just love the weekend because sometimes they have some serious problems throughout the week:

Sometimes i forget that i am still in school unlike half of my friends and think i can stay out til three in the morning-eatiing free bbq food, seeing a dollar movie, getting .50cent icecream at maceys!, or talking to winnie, steve, heather and christine when i really have to be up by 7 am the next morning...
"Doesnt eating ice cream just make you SO happy?!?"
"guys...why doesnt everyone look extremely happy here..."

and then consequently sometimes i roll out of bed without doing my hair, makeup or dressing cute. Glasses make it so i dont have to do my makeup... #lazygirlproblems

sometimes i cant stop using the word "little" to describe absolutely everything. "my little little dinner or my little apt."...oh wait that last one is then everyone starts doing it too to be funny

sometimes you skip a class on oh hmm tuesday? to lay out and get sun with some friends and sometimes you know youre getting far too much sun but you really just dont care and then you look like a red oompa loompa which is really quite unfortunate

and then consequently sometimes you have to get aloe vera because you are really hurting and cant sleep and then youre at Walmart and you see cute boys who inform you that you are "toasted" and you hide
sometimes you dry your clothes for an hour but they are still wet and you realize its because stuffing 3 loads in the laundry to save space and money really saves nothing at all and now your apt is strewn about with clothes
sometimes you apply for server positions and they make you take a timed test...with math problems...and you realize you wont be getting a job offer there....
sometimes you wanna tell the boy in your math class you've always had a thing for him but you remember you are going home in two weeks and it doesnt really matter...

sometimes i do my nails (see post below) and want to touch and point at things so everyone can see them and it kind of looks weird...

sometimes people tell you, you have a mix of a red and yellow aura and you take offense even though you have no idea what they are talking about

sometimes i look at this girls blog who married someone who i used to be best friends with and even though i dont like him i snootily think that he liked me first because she is very mean. #sometimes i'm a brat #uhhrude

BUT sometimesss
i pretend that songs are about me (cause they really are! kinda....)
you see Mission Impossible 4 and its AMAZING
 youre on Morgs committee and at the closing party she gives you a cute little bracelet and a big hug and you realize how lucky you are to have made great friends!
 ( or every time) i hear this song I want to dance. i love love love this song
xoxo cait xoxo

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