Sunday, April 22, 2012

He's all about the Chase...

This boy has been hanging out with me a lot. Hes nice-ya know, the typical tall, dark and handsome.
He wasnt initially into me- (i can tell) But then when i said i dont date- the challenge card was laid out on the table and he was up for it.
(my friends were all very encouraging about my drawing abilities btw.)
"Well i'm going to ask you on a date" you really dont have to...
"When are you free?" I'm not, i'm very busy
"Ok i'm putting you in my schedule for Wednesday, ill come pick you up" i wont be here..
"Okay if you arent there, ill be here Thursday"
haha and the things in bold i was really saying too and he just loved it. You know how people say girls like guys are kinda mean to them well i think some boys do too
His persistence was impressive ill admit it. But i didnt want to blur the lines between friendship and dates.
My room mates would come out and he would say
"caitlin and i are going on a date!" I calmly replied that we were not. The room mates laughed.
Then he proceeds to go into a speech
"Ya know, i was a missionary and we are trained to break down walls. Thats what i did for two years so I know i can take down yours. I know this game youre playing"
What game...this is not a game..."Uh huh i know what youre doing"
Now its not that i wouldnt say yes to him, he really is a great guy it just became fun to say no to him because he was so confident i wanted to see what he would do or say next.
So then this is when he gets smart and realizes that he will play to my likes. He asks me to see the Hunger Games with him. I say yes. But i didnt really dress to impress bc i was tired.
He opened the door but his car is like 4 feet high so getting in was problem numero 1. Super embarrassing and i even asked him if he has a stool to which he replied um no? I teased him about not being a friend to the environment because his car was a gas guzzler. He told me it was just the opposite. "with a car like this i can actually go off roading and experience the environment and really appreciate it. Do you think a person with a hybrid can do that?" hahaha good answer boy but you are still ruining the environment. We waited outside for a bit and we just talked. The conversation flowed easily but then again it does with most people so thats not really a sign for me. He complimented me on how pretty i was even though i looked like crap. Strike 2. Sometimes boys are liars. Surprisingly he asked me on another date which i didnt go on for some reason. He really is a great guy and weve become good friends and i have nothing bad to say about him besides it just wasnt there. Anyway i did a good deed and I found a girl he would love and set them up and they hit it off. My mom asked if i was going to do this to every boy who showed interest and i said yes, yes i will. What a good idea mom. I cant be having a stage 5 clingers like that one boy...but we'll save that story for another day.
xoxo Cait xoxo

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