Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy BELATED Easter

Easter turned out to be really good this year.
I've gotten the mentality where you can either sit there and wish you were at home enjoying your family or you can just make the best of things and thats exactly what we did.
Heather, Philip, Jared and i all got together and made food and had an amazing Easter dinner.
I made deviled eggs and mashed potatoes while Heather made jello and parmesan broccoli. The boys made some rice and chicken casserole that was really good and finally, due to Heathers request, we got some sizzler rolls the night before because she loves them. Haha i used to have to bring her some home when i worked there. To be honest, they were probably my favorite part! We made a few blunders on our first easter however, like that water doesnt substitute well for vinegar and we should probably get some of that next time we dye eggs or that its miracle whip not mayo for deviled eggs (something youre in charge of every holiday and you dont know how you forgot!)

hmm foreshadowing?? <3

oh good times.
xoxo CAIT xoxo

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